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    Your work is top notch Oh how I wish gorgons alliance was more like this. Keep it up....

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    Quote Originally Posted by teloft View Post
    I like to help with this. What is the format you need, is it an XML file format or something else?

    I also like to update the heralds and banners for some of them.
    Well most CK II files are simple .txt file editing, for when making characters and such. Heraldry and banners/flags are usually in .tga or .dds format, IIRC. Send me a PM with your steam name (if you have steam) as that is what we usually use to communicate inside the team

    And thanks for the support, Jumin! I hope that we'll have a version released (very early alpha, without all the characters in place) by June/July.

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    I would advise using Notepad++, especially for editing the lua and csv files.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelandrin View Post
    I would advise using Notepad++, especially for editing the lua and csv files.
    Yes, Notepad++ is essential for CK II modding

    And it MAY be a bit premature, but we just released a very early alpha version for testing. Here is the download link:

    The Birthright.mod and Birthright folder do NOT go into the /mod folder in the main game directory, they should be placed in C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod folder, or at least that is the location on my computer. Then when starting, you should see the Birthright option under mods, and just select that and enter Cerilia at will

    I highly recommend that for gameplay feedback and suggestions, you read the second post of this thread here if you have CK II installed and registered on their official forums:*Take-II*
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    Finally fixed an annoying random crash bug, and here is a re-post of what I just posted on the main Crusader Kings 2 modding forum:

    Just an example of how powerful magic and Awnsheighleen can be in Cerilia:

    We take the story of Rhuobhe Manslayer.

    Known primarily for sitting in his dark tower Rhuannoch and plotting the downfall of humanity, for the last 1500 years he has in actual fact been little more than a thorn in the side of his neighboring human states; too powerful to take out easily, but not strong or threatening enough to justify the cost of sending ten thousand men against him and his followers. In the year 1524, that was about to change:

    Rhuobhe is the little one-county Duchy in the South-Western part, whereas the other green circles are the elven realms of Tuarhievel and Sielwode, the last remainding elven realms in Anuire. The top green circle is the realm of Lluabraicht, under heavy pressure from both orogs, the White Witch, and the raiders from the Giant Downs to their south. To his misfortune, he is also surrounded by the two most powerful human states of the Anuirean region, the Principality of Avanil and the Arch Duchy of Boeruine, both contenders for the Imperial Throne.

    Elsewhere in Cerilia, the situation is similar for the elves:

    The once-great forests have been cut down and mutilated by the coming of man to Cerilia, and the great Elven High Kingdom of old is but a memory, existing now in only smaller fragmented realms, ever guarded by bow, sword, and magic. Rhuobhe moves quickly, marrying his son to the Queen of the Sielwode, securing an alliance, and a few years later, as a new daughter is born to him, arranges to have her betrothed to the King of Tuarhievel. Due to his mastery of War and Magic, honed over long centuries of unrelenting warfare defending the borders of his small realm and raiding his neighbors, he is actually also in turn a potent ally of these elven Kings and Queens. Tuarhievel can muster some 3000 troops to their defense, and the Sielwode 4000, but he has 1500 battle-hardened followers of his own. Together, they would make a formidable force.

    Still, the humans - while divided - will quickly unite to defend their neighbors against any new elven attempt to reconquer their lands. Anuire is also far too strong; combined they can muster in the area of 100,000 troops, far beyond what the elves of Rhuobhe, Tuarhievel, and the Sielwode can ever hope to match. The answer, Rhuobhe realises, lies in the north (circle in red above). The Orog Realm of the Blood Skull Barony - hated by all their neighbors, friendless except for the goblins of Thurazor who are unlikely to come to their aid, they make the perfect target for the first stages of elven resurgence. What's more, once subdued, these Orogs can be used as shock-troops, pushed to the fronts while precious elven lives remain behind, only used at the critical moments.

    For the next century, Rhuobhe fights to make this a reality. He forges alliances with other elven realms through strategic marriages, he summons thousands of skeleton warriors from the battlefields, and he manages to overcome not only the Orogs, but also in time (though he suffers a few key defeats) he breaks the back of the Rjurik resistance by fighting a series of devastating wars, using his magic to rain lightning storms upon his foes while more subtle spells incite entire enemy regions to rebellion. He even entertains himself by casting the odd plague upon his enemies.

    Finally, the old elven realm begins to take form again:

    Now known as the King of the Northlands, Rhuobhe and his sons are quickly becoming the Masters of the northern forests once more. The White Witch and hte Orogs are utterly defeated, and with each new victory against the resisting Rjurik Jarls fighting in coalitions, their will to resist weakens. The surviving humans (who still make up the vast majority of the population of Rhuobhe's new conquests) are being converted to the "Nature" religion, which is not really a religion, as much as it is a way of life co-existing in harmony with nature. And of course, being subvervient to the Elves, which are the guardians of that nature

    As this culture map shows, the Orogs are being wiped out due to being used as shock-troops against the Rjurik, and three provinces are now populated entirely by elves loyal to Rhuobhe and sworn to the Ghealle Sidhe - the "hunt of the elves", against their humanoid enemies:

    Rhuobhe's new realm is powerful, but beset by rebellions from both Orogs and humans who will not give up their old gods and accept their elven overlords:

    And no matter how powerful his new realm in the north may be, the Rjurik lands are the weakest of all human regions. Eventually, as is happening already, the Anuirean Empire will reform, and if the Gorgon expands enough to get a border with the northern lands, he will become a critical threat as well. Rhuobhe's empire stands, for now, and his plans for a great elven reconquest are well under way - but the foundations are shaky, and it is certain that he will be tested to his limits, and possibly beyond, in the years and decades to come!

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    I would like to check out this mod. But where i went to download this mod had many viruses and malware attached to it. Can someone suggest a link or anywhere i can download this from with minimum hassle.

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    Seriously, this is awesome

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    Thanks - I may be biased, but I agree

    Right now I'm working on some adventurer events... for example I just made one where a random ruler can suddenly be informed that a brigand lair is somewhere in one of their provinces.

    They can either hire adventurers to root it out, go there themselves, or choose to ignore it.

    There are then several branches:

    If the adventurers return, they can be rewarded, or their strapping young leader can even be invited to stay and court your daughter if you have an unmarried one that is of age. You can also choose to demand that they hand over the brigand lair's loot, as this was your tax revenue in the first place - if you do this, however, it will lead to the adventurers trying to get back at later

    You can also go yourself, and there is a chance that you are not only killed, wounded, or maimed, but also that you are captured alive and sold to one of the evil rulers. I just had Marlae Roesone for example captured and sold to the Gorgon - she wasn't content with her prison cell, so she asked him for more "suitable" lodging... she was then thrown in the oubliette, and shortly after, he came to take her bloodline.

    This was just the first of many "adventure" events, the aim is to eventually have something like 100 of them, so it really feels like D&D. Anything from brigand camps to excentric wizards with dangerous experiments to possibly a massive orog invasion from below. Suggestions for random birthright flavor events that can be done in 10-12 events/chapters including branches are welcome, of course!

    Also if anyone has their favorite characters from their RPG history in the Birthright realm, feel free to post a small summary of class/level/character (and possibly short family history? mother/father/siblings?) and I'll be happy to put them in the mod in the appropriate realm.

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    Another repost from the main CK II modding forums, just so it's available to those of you who don't have the game yet:

    Since the Birthright mod is based on a D&D campaign setting, it cannot only be about politics, war, and dynasties. It needs adventure too! That was the beauty of the original birthright setting... the combination of adventure and heriocs on the micro level, together with macro-level grand strategy and war.

    Here's a "proof of concept" demonstration of the adventuring system:

    First, I've made 2 traits - "Adventuring", which is when a character is off gallivanting across the lands. If a ruler chooses to go adventuring, a regent will have to take over affairs of state at home in the mean time. Secondly, "On_current_quest" is a trait which is given when a character is on an active mission/quest/adventure, so that we don't have overlaps (active quests will only trigger and targets characters who have the adventuring trait and NOT the on_current_quest trait).

    Here's how it works in practice (for players, I'll make another way of choosing to go on adventures for AI's).

    You open the adventuring menu via a decision that is available for anyone above 15 years of age, and with one of the adventuring character classes (fighter, mage, sorcerer, ranger, rogue, bard, priest).

    You can then get this screen, which is self-explanatory:

    Being that Marlae Roesone is a trained fighter, early 20s, and unmarried, she decides to go adventuring! You'll also note the "kids" option; you can "encourage" (read: force) your kids to in search of fame and glory instead of lazing about on the couch in their private mansion by giving them a minor title/honorary title called "Adventurer". Once they have this, they also get the Adventuring trait; if you take away the title, the lose the trait and come home. Hopefully in one piece without major injuries...

    So, Cerilia has its first official adventurer now! There'll be many more of course, all in due time as I make the scripts for the AI version of the decision.

    What oh what will she do?

    Well, it turns out that the Prince of Avanil has a slight problem. One of his enemies has cast a death plague on one of his demesne provinces, and an opportunistic necromancer is trying to raise an army of the damned in his sewers...

    The Prince is of course himself a Master Fighter, but sewers smell, and undead are pretty disgusting to fight. Sometimes when you get these "random" adventurer events you can of course choose to deal with it yourself if you have one of the adventuring traits, but in this case, for a Prince to go through the sewers is clearly beneath him, so he outsources the problem. The option to send for an adventurer will choose from amongst the current characters with the adventuring trait (who are not on_active_quest). The "hire from these parts" will only check for adventurers of the same culture; "hire from anywhere" will choose someone completely at random; it could be a dwarf or a halfing for example, or an evil Belinik worshipping Vos barbarian.

    Since I chose hire from these parts, and Marlae is the only adventurer in the realm, she gets the message from the Prince's envoys soon enough:

    She travels a week or two to the Prince's realm, and the Prince meets her:

    So basically that's how it'll work! Then of course there are the adventures themselves, where you can gain riches, magical items, and even advance a level. You can go from novice to trained however if you survive a few adventures much faster than if you just sat and home and trained. You can ONLY advance certain class levels through adventuring; you might be able to pay 500 gold or so to go from trained to master swordsman if you hire the right teacher, but to become legendary, you'll need to adventure.

    It's also a way of forming relationships. If Marlae succeeds, obviously she will get an opinion bonus from the Prince. If some random adventurer helps you out, and later it turns out that he inherits the duchy next door, you better not have cheated him of his reward ten years ago, because he surely won't have forgotten :P

    So yeah, first adventure event is done, but there's like 100 more that could easily enough be implemented. The goal is to have a dynamic system in the mod where a few adventurers go around and troubleshoot stuff, or even go seek out riches and magical items on their own without a ruler being involved. Sometimes, an epic level quest might even open up - and if there are no legendary level heroes available to deal with it... well... that would probably not be good for the people of Cerilia

    For example if down the road the Gorgon decides to try and ascend to Godhood, that would definitely be bad news for all if there aren't a succession of legendary level characters willing to try and stop him...

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    That link you shared for us consists of a Trojan Horse when I tried to download it. I allowed it past my first two security alerts, but when my AVG told me it was a Trojan Horse, I had to stop it. Is there another link to download it?

    EDIT: Well, it turned out that it was the accelerator that was a Trojan Horse. I am currently getting the true program downloaded.

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