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    I'm in love with you. This is so awesome.

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    Impressive work, the screenshots are really really nice (I love the map, how are maps in CK2 done?).


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    *CLAPS HEAVILY* Sounds beautiful.

    Someone gifted this game to me recently and after reviewing the vanilla game and then looking at this, I think you're doing a very awesome job. Would love to hear more about it as you progress. Would offer to help with making things, but I am currently knee-deep in trying to set up my own Birthright PBeM, but until then I'm excited and waiting with exhilaration for this thing to be available for play.

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    I may not play the game, but it looks like you have done wonderful work with your mod.


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    Once I figure out how to link my CK2 account to their site, I can not wait to try this mod. The first thing I thought when I tried CK2 was that it would be perfect for a BR mod. Glad someone more skilled then I am took the initiative to start one.

    Love the way things look and I think your doing a great job so far.
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    Thanks for all the feedback Thanks also for the list of potential divisions of regions on the previous page - right now duchies are one per realm, but if I decide to make smaller ones, that list will definitely come in handy!

    Also, if anyone has time to help, just let me know - CK II modding really is quite simple, mostly editing .txt documents.

    Also, we're progressing very nicely, it's actually quite fun to play even at this stage. For those of you who don't have access to the CK II forums, here is the latest post I made there in response to a question with screenshots and an explanation of the bloodtheft mechanics:


    It's ok if you're too busy to help out

    Maybe I can send you the next build in a week or so, and you can give feedback on play-testing. It's very early stages yet, but it IS playable even if all the fun stuff hasn't been added yet.

    As for Birthright holdings, well right now you can build either source holdings or law holdings if you're a ruler. They give piety/regency. There are 3 levels of law holdings that anyone can build, and each give 0.4 regency per month. Magical source holdings depend on the terrain - forest sources are by far the best, while plains holdings are the lowest in terms of regency/magical power.

    I do love how you have Regency and spell casting that is pretty surprising to see because I was fairly confused how you did it, but maybe you just made a new currency and available actions that cost said currency?

    Yes, piety is just regency, which you can use for "ruler actions" such as casting spells, declaring wars using the religious CB, and other things, such as blooded rangers going into the woods and getting animal allies (a small non-upkeep unit of 25-50 light infantry probably). Priests will also be able to cast beneficial realm spells, such as "honest dealings" which increase tax revenue and lower revolt risk. "Bless Land" is also an obvious priest spell, along with its counterpart, "Curse Land". I haven't made the priest or ranger spells/actions yet, however.

    Then of course there is the ability to kill other players of the blood and highlander style absorb their power?

    As for that, well here is a demonstration

    I loaded up as The Raven just now, one of the few powerful awnsheighleen that can actually have children. I just realized I'll have to restrict the event, so that you can't actually sacrifice children... even evil overlords should wait until they're at least 16! But here is a demonstration at least, just pretend the child is 16 :b

    So, get married, take 2 concubines, and voila, soon enough we have results!

    Born with a Great Bloodline of Azrai, eh?

    Close my eyes, and tell myself that it's all for the greater good... once I ascend to Godhood, I shall be a fair and just deity with only the occasional plague cast upon the world to keep the balance between man and nature...

    Here goes...

    Normally of course you would use this one your blooded enemies captured in battle, not your own children! You can use this regency/piety you get to increase your own bloodline strength as well - going from a tainted to minor bloodline will be relatively cheap, maybe 1000 regency, but going from major to great will be extremely costly. If you have a true bloodline of Azrai, and have something like 25,000 regency stored up, you may even be able to ascend to demi-Godhood and found your own religion and get other perks. For mortal rulers who have increased their bloodline, they will have the option via decision to pass it on to their heir via an investiture ceremony, so that the progress is not lost upon the next generation.

    Also, mostly those of the evil religions will perform bloodtheft. For the good religions, you will need a trait like "cruel" or "impaler" or some such in order to take the decision.

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    You shouldn't be able to bloodtheft your own children.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelandrin View Post
    You shouldn't be able to bloodtheft your own children.
    The canon rules don't actually forbid it though, Ken Gauck used to say you could only benefit from bloodtheft once per scion lineage as a fix on the basis that after that you already had the relevant fragment of the gods bloodline in the family (and to stop munchkinism) but the rules just say "stabby stabby boom" (loosely translated).

    I'd expect a very negative social reaction to it though - few socieites respect those who slaughter their own kin.

    Personally I used to work on the basis that the religions were all very opposed to bloodtheft outside of very specific situations (a formal duel which had been authorised as worthy by the priests, the field of battle) to cut down on the casual harvest.

    I'd note that when playing one of the key abilities I've wished/used was the investiture of a criminal/captive's bloodline into a worthier person (i.e. a unblooded vassal or other minion so that they could become a Vassal).

    The mod looks awesome btw, I don't know the game but an impressed by the work.

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    In theory, you will be able to bloodtheft your own children in the mod, as I see no real reason to forbid it completely.

    On a practical level, to do so over several generations, would not be worth it from a player-perspective. As Andrew points out, you would be shunned, and the way Crusader Kings II works, this often means rebellions and death, or invasions by neighbors.

    There are two factors which would restrict it, even without modding anything new into CK II:

    1. The opinion bonus from your vassals. In the example of the Raven, he's got around 10 provinces in his realm, and there are sub-divisions within the realm, such as castles, temples, and cities, all held by vassals. So there are 25 "holdings", maybe, and a ruler can only control 3-7 holdings by himself. Each time you imprison your child and bloodtheft them, there is a -40 opinion modifier (the scale goes from +100 to -100 in the relationship between each person).

    So after the 3rd child is bloodthefted, previously +100 loyal vassals will now be -20. This means they supply you with less troops, less taxes, and are more likely to rebel. In large realms, whatever benefits you would get from the bloodtheft, are clearly outweighed by this.

    2. When you kill a relative, you get the "Kinslayer" trait, meaning no member of your family will trust you, ever again. Sons and daughters in CK II are fully capable of leading internal rebellions against you, or even plot to have you killed, and they'll probably be able to find support to do this since the other vassals will also have a negative opinion of you.

    The only way that harvesting your own bloodline would be possible in the long run, would be to keep your holdings to 3-7 (meaning a very small realm) and therefore not needing any vassals.

    So in a way, the game is "self-correcting" in that sense; you CAN do it, but there are many more reasons why you wouldn't want to, just like I imagine a dungeon master running a campaign would make it a less-than-attractive option in a pen and paper campaign.

    And you really should look into getting CK II Andrew It fits Birthright really well, and there are already very developed mods dealing with the Elder Scrolls universe, Lord of the Rings, and also Game of Thrones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alamar Kinslayer View Post
    We're making good progress, but any help is appreciated!
    For example on making characters - we will need several hundred. The rulers of the realms, their immediate families, and give them stats/traits. Also lesser vassals on the province level and notable henchmen/allies within the realms would be nice to include.
    I like to help with this. What is the format you need, is it an XML file format or something else?

    I also like to update the heralds and banners for some of them.

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