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    Bringing to light the 3.0/3.5 sources, a look into the books.

    The Birthright Campaign setting was written almost nineteen years ago today. The first spark of Cerilia conceptualized some time before that by Rich Baker. In all of this time many, many new resources have emerged and yet never has anyone truly remodelled Birthright to fit the times.
    Between the first printing of D&D 3.0 to the final Dragon article for 3.5 a wealth of information has been released, and much of it is applicable to the Birthright setting as Rich Baker and Colin McComb first envisioned it in 1994, all that need to be done is for us to capitalize on what is already written.
    Share with me those ideas and books, those many variant rules of the past thirteen years that have cried Cerillia! Those concepts that just fit.
    I'll begin by looking at those rules that seem to suite the Bloodline rule of Birthright:
    The Bloodlines are based on divine blood. Three things in the 3.0/3.5 books look suitable to this idea.
    The “Unearthed Arcana” Bloodlines, the God-Blooded Template in the “Monster Manual 5”, and the Divine abilities in “Deities and Demigods”. 1st The Bloodlines. These present an interesting variant to the original 3.5 playtest idea of level adjustment penalty, although a lot of work needs to be done in order to adapt it to Birthright.
    2nd The God-blooded template is a good supplement and presents some good ideas to work off of.
    3rd The Divine abilities. Now here's the most interesting idea. Blood Powers are supposed to be a lesser manifestation of the Divine essence coursing through a Scion's blood. In “Deities and Demigods” we have an exact list of every ability, general and portfolio based, needed in order to create and categorise fantasy deities. With very little tweaking and imagination it is easy to adapt these ideas and abilities into Blood powers. For example, when using the Healing power instead of a Cure Spell it's not difficult to apply temporary Fast Healing based on bloodline strength. This places the Blood powers well outside the range of merely spells and opens up the doors to the modification of a variety of new blood abilities to suite almost any campaign setting, as well as a new method of categorization for easier access to the information.
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