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    Shadow World

    Can someone explain to me what are the benefits of willingly entering the shadow world?
    Why would anyone do that?
    Is travel faster there or something like that?
    I am mostly refering in the halflings ability to physically enter it.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Yes, travel is faster. The Shadow World is like a different dimension as its concept of time does not directly align with that of Aebyrnis, ie. one hour in the SW may correspond to 10min or half a day in Aebyrnis. Likewise, the spatial mapping is not 1:1, so one league in Aebyrnis can be one mile in the SW. Therefore, transport can be "faster".

    This is all because the concept of magic is also different. The SW is more a thought than a place. Those who have the ability to control Shadow Magic or are native may be able to adapt and change the SW into what form they like. Thus the "regents" of the SW are those who control and shape large parts of the SW. The magic or Seeming works on illusions that are effectively a reality. Thus, by those with SW powers thinking of things, they can create them.

    This magic does seep into parts of Aebyrnis, where it is dark and Mebhaighl is not strong. The halflings can make use of this to travel between the worlds, but it is not easy. Magical items can be made and found in the SW but given their Shadow Magic origin, they tend not to last outside of the SW as their Seeming does not work. The ancient history of when Aebyrnis and the SW were one and the same may also be found there, especially that of the predecessors to the elves and the history of the halflings.

    I like to think of the SW as being similar to the worlds from the Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelazny, created by those who have the power.

    Have a read of the entry in the wiki:
    Also look at other articles in the relevant category of articles:

    Hope I got all that right. Been a while since I have had to think about the SW.

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    Thank you very much!
    That helped a lot

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    Other reasons (some for different areas of the Shadow World)

    1. Rescues
    1.1. To rescue someone lost in the Shadow-world while dreaming
    1.2. To rescue someone who physically entered through a temporary gate or was kidnapped by Shadow world raiders
    1.3. To recover an arteficat located in the shadow world
    1.4. To lead inhabitants to a home in Cerilia before the corruption claims their homeland

    2. Memories
    2.1. To visit a place whose Cerilian presence was long destroyed but which still remains in the Shadow-world (for example on a pilgrimage or for mystical reasons).
    2.2. To speak to the spirits/memories of those gone

    3. Kingly
    3.1. Reprisal raid to punish the incursion of undead, lost/necromancer attack, etc.
    3.2. Scouting mission to determine the opposing forces of a wholly/partly shadow-world based opponent
    3.3. To gather allies/seek advice from the Shadow-World
    3.4. To forge a realm in your own image by mentally shaping the plane to suit your whim.
    3.5. To seek a place where time and form are fluid and so perhaps obtain immortality.
    3.6. To travel to the homes of the gods in person on pilgrimage/to visit an ancestors spirit/assault the gates of heaven/etc

    4.1. By accident - the mists of Ravenloft are rarely expected, and the Shadow World similarly finds many wander into it accidentally
    4.2. Out of insane only-a-role-player-lunacy
    4.3. To seek godhood by slaying the spirit of Azrai and the Lost claiming the vestiges of Azrai that they hold
    4.4. Out of curiosity
    4.5. To destroy a demon/spirit/nightmare that is allied to a foe/haunts a site/etc


    The Shadow-World is a big world(s), and quite variable (ancient spirit world enclaves, home of the gods, wild limbo/pandemonium-type manipulable chaos, realm of dreams/nightmares, realm of undead and dullness, home of the exiled lost, etc.) so its a natural expansion.

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