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    Warhammer Fantasy, Birthright mash-up

    Hello fellows.
    I apologise beforehand if this does not belong here, I didn't find a better place for it.

    I am in the middle of making a Warhammer Fantasy, Birthright mash-up obviously.
    What I mean by this is that I want to make an RP campaign where the battles are thought using the Warhammer fantasy battles rules. I have roamed the net and found out about Birthright. (Sad that I have never played it before, it seems very interesting.)
    If you have heard about the Total War series (computer game) it is something like this I want to accomplish. But with it being a RP game makes it so much deeper.
    I am seeking intrigue between the factions. Alliances, backstabbing, lying and all that from politics and internal affairs. Country/town management. and lastly battles to be fought using warhammer.
    My inspirations are Total War series and Game of Thrones(Song of Ice and fire).
    And I see birthright can help me a lot making systems for the game. It just needs adjustments to fit the warhammer world and so it works with battles actually being fought for "real".
    I have decent experience in boardgames and a little less in RPGs. ( only familiar with a few. And I do not know the full DnD rules)
    Despite this I want to make this campaign/rules and I have the time. What I was wondering is if anyone is intressted in helping me shape these rules. I am soon going to post a Google Doc with some notes on the campaign.
    One note, this is more of an RPG than a normal Warhammer campaign. Which means that not everything will be fair to the PC. For example I intend for the largest factions in the beginning to be NPC.
    More will come if this doesn't get utterly rejected.
    Feels like I have forgotten something but well.....

    Thank you for reading and your thoughts beforehand.

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    I am doing something similar, but using AD&D Battlesystem 2nd ed. I've streamlined the campaign rules somewhat, and changed the type of troops and pay-scales as presented in the Birthright game.

    But I am running Birthright as a background for the miniature wargames, so while diplomacy and intrigue are important, the main thrust is setting up battles for a miniatures game.

    I just the wargames rules Rally Round the King. In its campaign rules, countries are given aggressiveness ratings, and lists of likely enemies they will attack. I have done this in Birthright for the kingdoms not being run by pc.'s. The campaign is just starting, I'll let you know how it works.

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    Is this still being worked on, or is this tossed to the side? I'd like some tips for the Warhammer world since I've seen tons of local gamers playing the Fantasy version and about the same for the Warhammer 40k games, but I've never really gotten into the Warhammer series past the video games. I'd love to look at the rules of Warhammer Fantasy (RPG tabletop game) before I go around trying to do the same, or if you already have a finished copy I'd love to take a look at what you have.

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