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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChamberlain View Post
    I'll be honest here, the quality of her work is me its merely a texture map with a photoshop text layer crudely thrown on top. Its most definitely NOT worth a $1000.
    Hi Aaron, please dont take my comments as overly negative, they are based on experience and expertise. I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator of 20 years experience. The quotation you have been given is very expensive for what in essence you are getting. Andrew is correct you should perhaps look around for other map creators, ones that show a bit more flair, with realistic 'crisis busting' pricing.

    I am creating a very detailed map of Diemed for my campaign (on the brink of a possible Civil War) check that out when its see whats possible. Good luck!
    The Anuirean Empire will rise again........

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    If anyone else knows of relevant artists and quotes then I'd be happy to hear them - if the artist knows she has competition then she may make a reduced offer herself ;-)

    I note that the cost will include not just "the drawing" but any research /creation time necessary - there are various maps out there, the main ones (which each have different scales just to be helpful) but then maps with each PS and no doubt other sources - if the new map is to fit with all of them then a certain amount of "check and re-check" time is necessary which will bump up the cost - I suspect that the reason why the map offered was terrain + dots was to avoid the need to check the fine detail and out-right create stuff like networks of roads and villages - terrain should pretty much come off the main maps I'd have thought.

    The more I think about it, the more likely it seems that any program with the sort of layer approach that we want will have the facility to import the base image to which overlays could be added - the two do not need to come from the same person and if a layering software which could import a base image was known then we could judge any potential map purely on its own merits. My one worry would be splitting the initial image as you'd need to pick the item off the base (colour select maybe?) and then drop it onto a layer, I suspect however that we could live with drawing province boundaries ourselves (I know a few that I'd like to re-draw anyway) roads need to be added for Anuire and Brechtur anyway, and city locations are generally easy to place due to geographic links.

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