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    Cutting it down to just a dozen or so realms would be easy, the difficulty is that you said you were on 2e - Bjorn uses a 3e variant, I could convert it to BRCS without too much trouble (famous last words) as BRCS also uses a fixed income per holding method, 2e used dice though - and different ones depending on the tax rate - would you be ok with a fixed method?

    Also the versions you have currently use manor holdings to calculate income from land, not province level.

    I possibly should have thought more before posting

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    Well, I've found a turn calc tool I'm going to try and use, but that might not work out. To answer your questions: I don't mind static income for npc holdings, and it would be safe to assume they are getting average money at a moderate tax rate, and then if I feel that the ruler of a particular area would be taxing his people harder, I can adjust it from my end.

    edit: The tool didn't work out, it doesn't include the rjurik lands or the blood skull barony, and I couldn't figure out how to add them into it (if I could even do that). So I'll be using the excel sheet you sent, and for the stuff that the players are in charge of I'm having them run off the 2nd ed rules (they have a total of 2 provinces to collect taxes on- namverg and ustjivilkisticsicstan, while the npc provinces around them will just run off of averages). We spent the session going over the basics of domain actions and being sidetracked, so we'll probably be getting ready to actually do stuff again next session.
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