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    Brotherhood of Khet

    Who's Khet? Why this name for the guild?
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    Hi Marco,

    I don't think that they give any details of why the brotherhood is called the Brotherhood of Khet.

    Speculative answers:
    • The name sounded cool to the game designers
    • Khet might be the original assassin that formed the brotherhood centuries ago.
    • Khet might be a long forgotten god of death similar to the demon Kalisius, whom Iagostos of the Masetians worshipped (see: Coils of the Serpent - Cities of the Sun). The demon is just mentioned, but no other details are given.

    In my campaign, we've based the brotherhood off of the ISMAILI ASSASSINS.

    Other than that, I don't have the Cities of the Sun to hand and I don't recall if the PSoAryia goes into them at all.

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