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    Song of Ice and Fire RPG / Birthright Mix

    I have searched on here for SIFRP and ended up only coming across one conversation about it and there didn't seem to be much involved in it. I have purchased both of the SIFRP books that are currently out and I am interested in trying to modify the system so that it can support the Birthright realms / Bloodline powers. Anyone have any suggestions? I have to admit I am not the best at modifying things and I have only started to understand the SIFRP system (despite being a d6 system).

    Also, I'd have to figure out how to make the Gorgon and the other Awnies as well, but I'd love to run or be part of a campaign using the SIFRP system but based in Cerilia.

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    Beyond wishing you the best of luck I don't think I can help - I've not seen anything substantial discussed in the past re: song of ice and fire & BR rules.

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    Sorry, I don't have anything to offer, either. I've got the d20 conversion and SoIaF rules, but not put any work into converting to BR.

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    Having played a successful SIFR campaign I also considered to replace d20 / ad&d rule set with SIFR rules in my BR one, but in the end the players seemed to be frightened by such a mixture (and they really loved the SIFR rules)

    Generally my thoughts about this were these:

    1. Domain Management
    Keep the BR domain management system. The SIFR Domain system was very abstract but while playing i enhanced it with a dozen new "domain action orders" ala Birthright, refited for the d6 system. A second option was to use the later.

    2. Large scale battles
    No dilemma there. Use the SIFR Warfare system for battles as it is one of the most innovative mass combat systems.

    3. Magic
    As SIFR doesnt support any magic system I would keep the Realm Spells as it is, but make the "field magic" more abstract.

    Players would be recommented to not play wizards but if they did, then they would have good Intrigue stats, Realm spells and a couple of "Field Spells" coverted from the AD&D system that wouldnt break the SIFR rules (e.g. Charm person, Knock, Sleep but not Magic missile, Color Spray or Fireball)

    Reduce the wizards to mostly be Realm Spellcasters with little or no "adventure" spellpower. This would make wizards be something of a "court Astrologer / adviser / sage rather than a competent adventuring ally.

    4. Bloodlines
    Again keep the Bloodline derivations / strength / power rules for realm level management, regency etc, but as far as Blood abilities go some rework is needed that I end up to not finalize as we ended up playing with 2nd Ed. rules.

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