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I started off editing D&D articles on Wikipedia (which also uses MediaWik). Wikipedia has its own policies on writing (like Neutral Point of View and Real World Point of View) that are not really relevant for an in-character encyclopedia, but their tutorials on how to edit can be useful things to point would-be editors of the Birthright.net Wiki at.

Wikipedia also has a Cheatsheet page, with most of the common stuff on it. I downloaded, printed and laminated a copy of the Wikipedia Cheatsheet from Wikimedia and used that for a few years. That was pretty useful for jogging my memory.
We use NPoV ;-) but we also allow people to diverge from the NPoV if they hang a lantern on it or use an observation banner or fanfic banner.

We have some help pages on the wiki and I wrote a "wiki 101" a while back with the common coding stuff (the wikipedia stuff you linked to looks like it would have worked on the old wiki platform but not the current one). I'm updating the wiki 101 and have a draft done but need people who know what they are doing to check the table and image guidance in it before I attach it to a sticky thread and the main page of the wiki.