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    Campaign storyline and timeline events

    1524 (551 MR)
    Teried Roesone dies. His daughter Marlae assumes the throne.
    • Draco, head of the secret church of Belinik in Osoerde is killed by Eldric the Swordsman, later known as Eldric Roesone after a furious fight with a reformed knight of the Iron Guard, Gwenhyvar
    • Adventurers find the Rightful ruler of Osoerde recently declared dead, William Moergen. The usurper and his champion die during a quick assembled people revolt. Lady Aelin D’Argen, paladin of Haelyn kills Jaison Raenech at the siege of Moriel and with the restoration of the True Duke of Osoerde they are married.
    • After two years of peace Gavin Tael of Ghoere starts his campaign against Osoerde. The invading force is huge and once again the people of Osoerde are called to fight for freedom.
    • Siege of Veikanger, first appearance of the Hero of the North, Storm of the Aegilsgaard.
    • Storm travels to Khinasi, he turns into a pirate at Bair El-Mehare, takes Aeric the Anuirean as a helmsman, and Valon the Dog as a second.
    • The invading army of Ghoere sieges the capital of Osoerde, Moriel. The queen is captured and executed. Duke Moergen accepts the aid of Luna, a Witch from Tuornen. The ancestral Sword of the Moergen family is broken and the last Duke of Osoerde dies during the fight. The army of Ghoere is defeated and the siege is broken . A priest of Cuiraecen assumes leadership of the capital and helps the people during the war time. Bertrand.
    Heirl Diem is growing old and his daughter Lasica Diem is being betrothed to Lord Kalien of Endier. The squandering treasury of Diemed is being replenished through various marriage bond gifts and Heirl Diem aspires a male heir.
    • Edrand Roos, son of the Earl of Arunder returns from diplomatic mission to the Rjuven.
    • Edrand Roos is titled Earl of Arundel after his father’s death. Edrand travels again to the North to put in motion his plan to take over Talinie. There he is rejoined with Storm. Storm assists Edrand to take the sword of the elven throne as he believed, a great artifact that will help him overthrow the “oppressive” church of Haelyn and restore the honor of his lineage. This was all foul play and the young Earl is tricked into releasing Deaththirst from its ancient prison.
    • Heirl Diem dies, his daughter is betrothed to Guildier Kalien as promised. The famed Guildier is now the regent of Diemed and Endier, uniting the once torn apart Dukedom.
    • The toll of war is great in Osoerde. The blockade of the Ghoerian armies is forcing into starvation the defenders of Moriel and with the assistance of the Sword Mage, Gavin Tael assaults the city and conquers it. The Skull Legion a unit lead by Abarax a warrior of mysterious origin is the key to the fall of the capital. Everyone is killed and a few escape the ravaged city. Tael strives to take control of Osoerde.
    • Lady Marlae Roesone, Baroness of Roesone marries during this year the famed adventurer Eldric of Endier, the court is stirred due to the fact that Eldric is bloodless and younger, love seems to have taken the eyes of the Baroness though. No offspring’s are recorder during that time.
    • Edrand assisted by the guild houses starts to plot his coupe against the Northern Imperial Temple. Secretly Archduke Aeric Boeruine assists the rebellion against the church. The Black Sword starts to take the heart and mind for the young Earl. One year after Edrand forces the church to concede and surrender the throne of Talinie. A council of nobles is formed and Edrand is voted as Regent and Duke of Talinie. The appearance of the Black Sword stirs the east where goblins, ogres and orogs receive their dark orders from Raesene.
    Cariele is sacked under a huge invading army from Markazor. Tuarhievel closes down its borders and watches the destruction of the human kingdoms. Raesene’s army has already began marching towards Talinie, the Black Sword is calling its master.
    • Bertrand after having returned to Tuornen leaving behind the life of an adventurer is married and works as a blacksmith at Haes. Hoping to help an old friend he travels to Taeghas and at Stormpoint gets captured and on a trial he faces exile from the Anuirrean sovereign for the time of ten years.

    • The regent of Coeranys Eluviele Cariele dies from a strange illness. For the next three years Coeranys remains lawless with no heir had been designated.
    Suris Enlien of Medoere prophecies the desecration of Medoere and gives the prophecy of the Blessed Sword that will restore peace.
    • The Great Archduke Aeric Boeruine passes away peacefully and his son Terwin Boeruine the III assumes the throne of Boeruine.
    • Talinie is invaded by a huge humanoid army from the East.
    • Ariostriel Swordwraith dies of age and the crowing of his sole son Curian “Swordwraith” Aeren who is now the King of Aerenwe, Curian becomes regent at the age of 20.
    Rogr Aglondier dies of old age. His most prominent apprentice is appointed as his heir Kain Aglonidier who is given the tile of Ruler of Ilien.
    • Storms firstborn son comes to life and is taken by his mother to the deep forests of Lluabraight. Son names his son after his father, Rainer.
    • The great battle of Misskill in Talinie takes place for one day. Edrand the Black as named after his troops does not seem to falter and fights the armies of the Black Prince till the end. He is seen coming down by the hands of ogres and giants at the heart of the battlefield. The invading forces plunder and burn down Freestead but no sign of Edrand can be found nor his sword.
    • Lord Gavin Tael begins to secretly support the Lord Artest Kirinar in order to gain political control over Coeranys. Coeranys forms a council of Nobles to rule the land as no heir is apparanent.
    • Marlae Roesone dies by the hand of assassins but for the good of Roesone she has appointed her heir despite the fact she bore no children. Elric “Roesone” now is the new Black Baron. Eldric manages to keep the peace and make Roesone prosper.
    • Lord Terwin Boeruine III uses his armed forces to repel humanoids from the grounds of Talinie is proclaimed savior by the Northern Imperial Temple. Talinien nobles flock under his banner and the country is invested in him province by province. The dispersed now humanoids move northwards and invade Dhoesone.
    • Aeric the Wise moves to the Imperial City and is accepted into the College of Sorcery.
    • Storm of the Aegilsgaard fights on the unification war of the Rjuven. Conrad Heldenhammer King of Hogunmark “son” of Bolvgaim Oredelver, a dwarven smith starts to forge an alliance of men against the plots of the White-Witch.
    • Curian “Swordwraith” Aeren proclaims he is a true descendant of the Roele line and Faelina Aeren. Supported by the priesthood of Nesirie, Roesone, Medoere, Ilien, Diemed and Elinie he gathers a vast army of supporters and followers to the southern borders of Mhoried. The first battle of his crusade takes place at Haes.
    Caliedhe Dosiere during the Iron Throne conflict is kidnapped.
    • Storm of the Aegilsgaard is married to Vaelna of Lemnjohen and moves to the Giantdowns. Later this year will assist the Watch in humanizing the surrounding lands.
    • The Senate of Regents at the Imperial Cairn is held in order to end the civil war. Gavin Tael still on the throne of Ghoere takes advantage of the turmoil. He is been proclaimed Regent of the Empire, thus “Emperor” for the duration of the civil war. His armies siege the Imperial City.
    • Late this year Nemetor Aesan and Agrival Stouthart release the kidnapped Chamberlain and restore order to the Iron Throne.
    • A great battle takes place outside the gates of Shieldhaven. Raesene’s armies meet the unified now armies of the Empire under the command of Lord Caliedhe Dosiere and the newly appointed Defender of the Empire in command of the Imperial Legion, Sir Nemetor Aesan. The humanoid army is driven back to Markazor.

    Count Galandor of Mistil openly opposes and unveils the plots of Gavin Tael of Ghoere on the council. Civil war steers.
    • Dhoesone hard pressed from the humanoids on all sides is sacked by the lack of human cooperation. Humanoids pour in the lands from all sides as they flock under the Great Fakruz Gzral, an orog war chieftan.
    • Storm assumes leadership of the Watch and names his second born son after his lost half brother Brodric.
    • Bertrand secretly after nine years of exile and hopeless search of Luna Stoutheart returns exiled secretly to Osoerde. A new hope for the oppressed people signs.

    • The three Brother Mages after discovering an ancient elven relic try to permanently help Danica Kusor from Chimera form back to human, their failure in controlling the beast in her resulted into trapping Danica into the Chimera form. Chimera switched into a mindless beast and went into a killing rage, the result of this is the death of 2of the Brothers. Meganno al Hamam the eldest brother and Avicerra al Hamam the middle brother, die in a thunderous fight over the Promontory. Rassan al Hamam the youngest brother remains alive.
    • Gavin Tael after securing Osoerde and placing the rather mysterious commander of the Skull Legion as vassal and regent of the new lands, tries to root out any resistance left. A reign of terror starts in Osoerde. Some brave souls meet with the probable son of William Moergen and Aelin. D’Argen, young William. Believing he is the heir of Osoerde and try to protect the boy from Abarax and Tael himself. Bertrand saves William and some of the rebels by facing the Sword Mage sent to stop them. The old priest dies in the duel but claims the left hand of the Mage in the fight. The armies of Ghoere under the command of Sir Loren Copperhead, Knight of the Iron Guard invade Elinie. The plans of Tael are exposes all over the eastern kingdoms and Count Galandor of Mistil kills Ardest Kirinar and claims rulership of Coeranys supported by the rest of the nobility.
    • A group of adventures lead by Luthien an aspiring priest of Cuiraecen reaches Osoerde. Luthien inspired by the tales of Bertrand who is now proclaimed as Holy Warrior strives to find the body of the dead priest. In the midst of events the group finds William and learns about the story of Osoerde. Luthien, Dari, Aeden and Vernon begin the second Osoerdian rebellion. William is being taught by Luthien the value of honour and the story of his father William Moergen but fate has other plans. The rebellion is sacked in blood under the iron mask of Abarax. The group decides to split and seek help outside Osoerde and thus happens. Aeden discovers the true identity of Abarax and the means to banish him back to hell. Luthien takes young William south to Roesone and joins the military with the help of the now aged Elric Roesone. Dari travels north and fights against Ghoere in the Elinien campaign where he falls in love with Kalilah bit Daouta. Vernon fails the tests of Haelyn and abandons his fate, returning to Osoerde he is taken captive by the Iron Guard. After one year of captivity Vernon betrays his friends and joins the ranks of the Iron Guard under the Alias of Lord Ridraen and is sent to quench the rebellion.
    • Vernon as Lord Ridraen betrays his companions and at an assault on Moriel he kills Dari. Luthien is saved the last minute and Aeden banishes Abarax to oblivion. Lord Ridraen for his exemplary deeds is awarded the vassalage of the provinces of former Osoerde. Luthien flees to Roesone, Aeden escapes to the Imperial City. Young William is taken to Bhalaene.
    • The aged Prince Darien Avan after fallen victim to a scheme of his own sister, Aubrae Avan, perishes. The fate of the great Duchy of Avanil seems doomed but not before a young heir comes along with the blessings of the priesthood of Haelyn. Kieran Avan the II is comes forth and many claim the boy to be an offspring of incest. Aubrae also dies the very night and young Kieran is bound to rune Avanil. Two wanderers return young Avan at the hands of Rhobher Nichaleir, who fosters the young Prince under the doctrines of Haelyn.

    • Avanil and Boeruine sign the treaty of High Pass. Construction of High Pass begins in order to “bridge” the two kingdoms over the Seamist Mountains. The High Pass will take ten years to complete. An age of peace starts.
    • Tannuth the Weak with the financial support of Ghorien Hiriele raises an army of brigands, vagabonds and mercenaries to claim Chimaeron. His army in the north is stopped by Rassan al Hamam. Chimaeron falls in civil war. The Chimera is driven now only by instincts.
    • Kendar Kalien, son of Kalien and Lasica is crowned King of Diemed and Regent of Endier in a majestic ceremony after his father’s sudden passing. During this time Kendar Kalien decrees that the capital of the great realm of Diemed is moved to the Great City of Endier. Nobles from Aerele protest against this but the new Arch-Duke silences any protesters. A new age dawns for Diemed.
    • The new Black Baron Eldric Roesone is married to a noble from house Bellam early this year. He will have two daughters and one son in the years to come.
    • Lord Lorren Copperhead with the assistance of an apprentice of the Sword Mage, Salomin, puts to the sword one by one the members of the Daouta Family. Kalilah Bint Daouta and her son are the sole survivor of the Daouta line and flees to the East for protection as a vast wave of refugees flee to Coeranys.
    • The ancestral of Moergen line reappears at Spiritsend. The appearance of the sword stirs the crowd into believing that a commoner is a descendant of the Moergen family.

    • The aged Black Baron secretly assists the idea of a rebellion and with the help of an old veteran of the Osoerdian campaigns, Luthien, rebels siege the already crippled city of Moriel. Luthien confronts William as a knight now of the Iron Guard, Luthien realizes that William is indeed the true heir of Osoerde and both men work together to overthrow the once traitor and now tyrant Lord Ridraen. During the siege Ridraen dies by the hand of Luthien. William takes the mantle of regent of the eastern provinces of Ghoere under the rulership of his father.
    " The Empire will fall...."

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    A note

    The following storyline has been played throughout the years of 1999-2010. Several groups have taken part into forging this arc and a lot are the people who are not mentioned here but their contribution has been great indeed. Over 10 parties of players with a mixed number of approximately 50-60 players have made this reality. The storyline has not stoppped since all of us see Cerilia as a living and breathing world forging history in several parts of it.

    Special thanks to Chris Linebarger ( ID: Fearless_Leader) for the extended timeline who helped us a lot in queueing things in order.

    PS1 Our storyline extends to 1580 which is our current date of campaigning, there are several events that are in the midst of been compiled
    PS2 I am sure many players and events may not have been included here in the bracket of 1524-1561 but we have tons of paper work to compile and tons of Player characters to choose from, we have tried to include the most important and world changing.
    " The Empire will fall...."

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