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    Torazan Specialty Priests

    Er, I've used the search function a number of times trying to find this information out, but has any information ever been published for 2nd edition as to the requirements and abilities of Orog Priests/Shamans of Torazan?

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    I know that he's mentioned, but I think it might be something that wasn't explored. In the wiki, the only thing I could find "quickly" is the 3.5/d20 page.

    In the 2E Rule Book on pg. 80 They merely mention that there are a few demigods that are worshipped by Cerilia's "darker races":

    Yeenoghu: Gnolls
    Baphomet: Minotaurs
    Kostchtchie: Ice Giants
    Torazan: Orog deity. They just say that he might be a tanar'ri.

    A priest of Torazan is listed in 2E Cities of the Sun on pg. 42 "Iron Hand Tribes". However, other than mentioning that Dzintar is a priest of Torazan, they don't mention anything specific about requirements or abilities.

    You can take the following for what it's worth. It seems that there is some speculation (I say this as I have no way to confirm it) that the basis for Torazan is Ilneval.

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    Other than the link to the Birthright forum Archives from Jaleela I can only think of the following:

    Monster Mythology (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Master's Guide Rules Supplement/2128/Dm5r4)

    It also happens to be mentioned in the article from the link.

    I know some of the deities are in the MM mentioned above. (e.g. Moradin) I think it is also suggested to insert the names of the BR deities for one or more of the gods in the publication, similar to what is mentioned in the article.

    If I recall correctly when I went through on my own to draw out all the deities there was just one that didn't have a place that I could find explicitly in the printed publications. It may indeed have been Torazon. If so, then you aren't alone in this endeavor.

    I hadn't arrived at any conclusion what I was going to do with the deity that I couldn't find easily. For the sake of this argument I'll assume it was Torazon. I considered looking through the deities that were similar and tweaking them to my own sense of what this god is about. From there I also considered reading up on some of the demonic powers that had been published in various works from the AD&D plethora of resources, namely some Planescape books. I hadn't gotten to that point, but I figured I could take bits and pieces from what I liked. If you are open to that approach, then there are plenty more works that I am sure you could find outside of the D&D mythology to fit fine as well for your vision.

    Getting back to your question. The answer I believe is no in the explicit sense, but you can put something together with a little research and creative license.
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