As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'll be starting a new BR game, using the Kingmaker AP.

One element that appears pretty early in the campaign as written are elements tied to a god with the stag as his totem animal: there's an abandoned temple to uncover, and the bandit king in the area has a magic stag's head as his helmet. All of these are tied to Erastil, who is a god of nature, community and rural-conservative tradition in the Golarion setting.

For my game, I'm setting it in the Mistmoor, and the PCs are Vos looking to carve off their own sub-realm of Rovninodensk for themselves. They've made up the party now, two characters have ties to the Kreisha-Belinik twosome.

My initial thought is to replace the Erastil bits with Erik, since he's also natural. They would be leftovers from a long-ago Rjurik expedition into the Mistmoor. I'm wondering now if I could make something different here: any ideas from the BR community? Perhaps I make that stuff Brecht or Sidhelien in origin? Change the stag theme to something else?