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    There are no official Birthright 3e books. It was a fan work, an it's in the wiki of this website (a few chapters made it to a PDF for download).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
    There are no official Birthright 3.0/3.5 books. The only D&D 3.0 books relating to Birthright are those produced by with the permission of WOTC. The books are free to download and relate to AD&D/D&D 2 material that is copyright to WOTC. See our Downloads section. [1]

    My understanding is that as the official fansite and required under our licence from WOTC to upgrade BR to new versions of D&D, the BRCS created by members of is the official 3e version - but as the current staff at Hasbro don't seem to be aware of the licence and don't want it to continue for new versions of D&D, the BRCS was never completed and WOTC would probably have ignored brcs if they re-released BR it's all a bit irrelevant.

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