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    Southern Coast About to Go Live


    I am writing to let you guys know I am opening a smaller, Southern Coast game called Umbra. It will be based on the rules from Reign. The player list is located:

    I learned a lot of lessons from Reign 2. I tried to step into a roll to keep the momentum from Reign 1. Despite my good intentions, it was rushed and was enveloped with inconsistency. I feel that I have strengthened some concepts by not rushing into this and feel this size of game is a good starting point for me to test whether it can grow further.

    If anyone is interested, please feel free to email me at


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    This game is in Turn 3 of 3 month turns. We have a steady group. It is regional and I opened up a bit into the heartlands to accommodate new growth. We have room for 5-7 more players.

    Feel free to visit us at

    My email is the same as the above.

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