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    Would any lore experts like to help me with a minecraft server?

    Hello, to you, a fellow minecraft enthusiast. Otherwise, why would you have clicked on this thread? Well I am honored by your presence, and I have an invitation. I'm currently running 2 servers online that are self sufficient and would like to start working on a third. This idea is to create a scaled down model of Cerilia made custom. The server will host various add-on plugins to the game that enhance the MMO experience. This will allow for players to immerse themselves in birthright lore. The future success of such a server is in the forums it would provide for players to write stories and shape their character('s) path in the setting.

    In the end, this is all just one idea. If there are any problems you see with this idea, I would appreciate feedback, from you, the Birthright forums community. Well thanks for reading this, just know this could be a lucrative investment and something interactive and fun for all. Cheers!

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    I have been thinking of doing something similar. Unfortunately, I am too busy to do more than maintain 2 multiplayer servers for over 100 players. I don't have time to play.

    Good luck on your creations. I imagine WorldEdit and Voxel mods would be vital.

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    Well the map is the easy part. I am a pro at making custom levels using custom terrain generators at populating the environment with unique structures. Lol, i thought all servers used voxel and worldEdit?!?! J/k yeah tho, i dont "play" minecraft either.

    Get someone else to maintain your server(s)!! We can make birthright a competitive rpg in leauge with LOTC, massivecraft, or savage realms. Hopefully get alot of this community to join as well

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