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    Crossover (Wine)

    Thank you for this lead. I will keep you informed on my progress.

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    Not sure if you are using W7, but if you are having problems with the bit rate with W7 right click on the decktop "personalize". Then click "Display" (left bottom corner), then "change display settings", then click "Advanced Settings" , then click on the "Monitor" tab and change from 32 bit to 16 bit. That helped me run scened and the character editor smoothly.

    Brffl have you tried using DosBox? It works fine for me. Install is pretty easy, here's a pdf that explains. Most people I talk to use a digital copy, to save their disk from getting damaged, so the guide is perfect for that. If you are using the CD, then instead of what the guide says for the CD drive just use the command "e e:\ -t cdrom" (e being an example drive). Also, the install path should be "c:\SIERRA\BIRTHRT", to be able to run scened and chared to run smoothly.
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    That is great news! Any chance you can post the steps you took....

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    Birthright guide for running game

    How would I do that? I'm sorry, I am just starting to learn a whole lot about this kinda messaging stuff. However, Morgal could probably send that attachment file that he sent to me about six days ago. I bet that would be much quicker. But I am always willing to learn how to do stuff that I don't know how to do.

    Hello Morgul would mind sending me some directions about how to get the Rhoube, Spiderfell, and Markazor files to playable. I downloaded them already. Thanks.
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    Sorry won't do!

    Well I'm necro-threading, but it is my thread (also windows 8+ is out now). To answer all the questions of loading my games you put them in the save folder (Gorgons Alliance) and load them as a save file. Runs fine on my windows 8 dell (with dosbox), but I had to use an older computer to use scened and char editor (16 bit doesn't work with the newer systems of windows).

    My modding is being resumed, for those that want to mod you need to either use an older version of windows emulator (google) or use a computer with windows 7 or below. This is, however not the only game I am working on, although I am making a Birthright chronicle on Warcraft 3 and trying to get a total war mod going (unlikely). Which means my projects with this game are not going to be expediently done, coding to rework this game is messes up the editors when exported (something to do with file paths). Either way, within the next few months I will at least post editing the files of the game. If you want to start use hex-editors, notepad, gimp, and use other programs renaming and editing extensions.

    I no longer have the attachment I sent to brffl, if he is still on here then he can either tell me what it was or put it on this thread. Remember on some computers it is easier to play not to play in full-screen.
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    To explain steps:

    The pdf I posted explains the install specs (to run) and the games are loaded from sav files in the save file directory in the game, plus dosbox's site explains everything else (how to install, directories, specs & solutions to OS problems). If you have problems with my downloads on windows, then pm me. Outside of windows OS, then I will be barely be able to help you. Easy way to find where your sav folder is either search it through the Br folder or check the names of the pre-saves that come with the game (click load and those names will be save files).

    Also a tip to modders, you can mod anything within the first turn (scened). Anything else with scened will cause a crash.
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    VirtualBox with WinXP is better for running BR in vs DosBox, it runs faster, and you can Multiplayer it if you really wanted to.

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    Yes, it does. But, most people use db for the ui. I could post an install guide for VB, if there are enough people who need it. PM if you do until then.
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