At 06:15 AM 8/2/2012, Arjan wrote:

>Today i took a quick glance on the D&D next playtest (very quick)
>and i was quite suprised how much it actually looks like a 3.5
>revamp... maybe revamp is even to big, more like a 3.5+
>what are your thought on it?

I`m having a look at it this weekend. My first impression is that
you`re quite right; it`s very much like 3.5. IMO, that`s a good
thing. Further, I`d suggest its a good thing for the setting, as 3.5
is a better system for portraying the dynamics of the BR setting than
4e. Plus, it means a lot of the existing 3.5 BR update material will
work pretty well (or with relatively minimal updates) in 5e.