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    I would assume "relenting" would be a free action and the holding would no longer be contested.

    According to the rule contest action on page 52 of the 2nd edition Contest Action - the cost is 1 RP only. There is no listing of additional RP/GB modifiers.

    Based on this I would say that the previous level 0 holding supporters would lose heart. Some would drift away and some would stay - and new people would join the 0 level holding who politically support the contesting regent. That is my view point anyway.
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    Something else to keep in mind.

    I powerful adventurer with lots of gold can always hire mercenaries to help defend their zero level "empire".

    Mercenaries can be hired in any province (2nd Ed.). The zero level holding regent may suddenly become a "great captain" event.

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    Another point to consider is that someone gaining a L0 holdings is unlikely to be a nobody from nowhere - these are the people who are so influential and powerful that they actually register on the power-lists and are likely in the "top 500" people in a nation - and certainly in the top 50 in any realm. They are likely to be far weaker than a "proper" regent, but attacking them will inevitably have consequences.

    In a large domain it is also likely that the vassals (small "v") and so on within the domain will naturally become sufficiently famous, influential and wealthy that they become such petty regents in their own right - any regent who routinely stomps on L0 holdings is likely to be attacking their own best, most loyal, most effective people.

    Many L0 holdings will also be set up by the existing regents and be vassals of those regents, if a regent marries a daughter to another noble then the regent would be expected to give a dowry and a minor title (i.e. a L0) holding would be a routine gift - any adventurer doing great deeds could also expect to be granted a L0 holding (at least) to tie them to the province/realm - these are not likely to be outsiders to the realm, but an integral part of it so attacking the L0 holders is similar to attacking the regents with actual power in social and economic terms.

    L0 holdings can, of course, be used to attack other holdings, but that's a very mechanical way to look at them. From a story / realist perspective L0 holdings should be commonplace and seen as assets not liabilities - these people are the natural supporters of the existing regime not threats to it.
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    Frankly, anyone with a level zero holding has to be somebody with either influence or riches. Simply put, where did the original gold bar (two THOUSAND gold pieces) come from? I would hazard that only people who come from rich families or who have really good ruler friends would be able to amass that kind of wealth normally. Adventurous types of course would get theirs by taking other peoples stuff.

    If a ruler squashes every level zero holding, he will make enemies out of the guy who actually held the holding as well as whoever backed him originally. It would really suck for say, the Baron of Diemed to squish a holding held by Baronet so-and-so who happens to be the much beloved distant cousin of the Prince of Avanil.

    Personally, I consider level zero holdings to either be a foothold in the county, or a means of keeping tabs on what is going on there.

    A level zero law holding could be a campsite for a few scouts who keep the holder informed of what is happening there. A level zero temple holding, a very minor shrine, still has a priest or lay person in attendance who can keep their eyes open for news. A guild holding could be just a single storefront, not much threat to a full-on guild holding, but enough for a "shop keeper" to hear all the latest rumors. I guess a magic holding would be a very minor wellspring of magic that makes it simple to get an overall picture of a province, but not enough to actually spy on anyone in detail.

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