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    When you say "combine to my application", do you mean this ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyark View Post

    Would you mind giving me access to your sourcecode so i can combine it to my application that works for th whole continent ?
    Do you mean your interractive map ?

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    Yes with all the different module i created but didn't show yet
    Charater creation
    Action betting
    Allies enemies vassal

    I am at 60% of what the Gorgon alliance was doing but for the full continent and for all type of regent.
    It will also be modifiable depending on the dnd edition you want to use.

    There will be 2 version, playercand DM. I am also trying to build a chat with it.

    I found your GUI interesting.

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    I prefer to keep the source code for myself for the moment Dyark but I wish you good luck with your project !

    I am working on the user manual. Will be available in the coming days.


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    Hi everyone !

    Happy new year to you all !

    To begin this new year with good news, you can download the beta version of the application on the sourceforge website under the Files --> Tool folder. I cannot guarantee it is bug free as it has only been tested by my GM but there should not be many bugs left. If you find one, please report it to me.

    You can also download the user guide under the Files --> Wiki folder. I tried to be as exhaustive as possible in this guide but if there is anything you don't understand please let me know.

    Would be nice to know that I didn't spend hundreds of hours working on this app only for my GM but for other GMs as well

    Cheers !

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    As a reminder, the SourceForge website :

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    Happy new year, and congrats on the release! I will try to give it a look asap and comment



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    Excellent, I will be happy to read your feedback.

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    Hello fellow gamers,

    I am pleased to announce that the V1.0 is now available for download on the Sourceforge website.

    We've been using it in our campaign for a few months now and it looks stable.
    Check out the new "Battle Screen" feature for large scale battles and the "Shortest Path" to find the fastest path between two provinces.

    I strongly advice reading the user guide since there is quite a lot of functionalities in the application and it might not be very user friendly for a new Birthright GM.

    Don't hesitate to post your comments on the Sourceforge website !


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