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    I`ve had a theme for a BR campaign in the back of my mind for many
    years now. The idea is that Cerilia is invaded by a massive army
    from across the sea, led by an awnshegh (an expatriated Cerilian or
    the descendent of one) whose totemic form is a Tyrannosaur. He is at
    the head of a horde of sentient monsters (mostly reptile/dinosaur
    based) from the other side of Aebrynis bent on pillage and
    plunder. It`s not a war of conquest, but one of extermination. At
    the beginning of the campaign, one of the five regions of Anuire
    (probably not one of the colder ones...) has been attacked and before
    the rest of Anuire can really respond is nearly wiped out. The
    Brecht, Anuireans or Khinasi become the "New Masetians" of the
    setting, or near enough that the campaign world is changed forever.

    I mention this "Invasion!" campaign idea in this thread because one
    of the themes of the campaign is that no one nation is able to deal
    with the size and power of this invading army. Not even one _region_
    of Cerilia can do it. In order to have a fighting chance they will
    have to unite as a single force. Maybe not a single army (Deismaar
    style) but at least under some sort of coordination. That could be a
    ruler, a military council, or whatever the players might come up
    with, but it would have to span the continent for humanity (and
    demi-humanity) to survive.

    I`ve put a little thought (and a few notes) into this, and so far I
    imagine this whole thing as a BR supplement, or even a series of
    them: "Invasion!" in which PCs must try to unite a single Cerilian
    people against the attack (and fail) followed by "Conquest!" which
    focuses on the attempt (and possible failure) to unite all of
    Cerilia, and maybe even "Land of Ashes!" which is about the
    devastation and eventual rebirth of Cerilian civilization, possibly
    due to the invading army moving on or as part of one of those
    classic, "a small band of rebels penetrate the unstoppable empire on
    a desperate mission to strike at the one weakness of the enemy" sorts
    of things.

    It`s not quite "winning Birthright" in the sense that I think the
    original poster meant, but it would represent an "end game" of the
    campaign in at least one sense.

    Of course, it would be a MASSIVE amount of work to put together, and
    I`m still futzing around with "Legendary Beings 3" so I don`t see
    this project happening in the near future....


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    I came to a similar idea when I was thinking "why would a Vos accept a Khinasi Emperor? what could unite them all in one Empire?". And indeed some external threat seemed the right way to go.

    Though my two main ideas for an opponent for Cerilia were:

    1) An army from the Shadow World, or maybe even the Cold Rider coming to Cerilia, and uniting all the awnshegh.

    2) An Empire from the Far East, based on China/Japan, with blood-abilities based on the 5 oriental elements (Exalted ftw!)

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    I like your guys's ideas on alternate threat to add the unique elements to birthright. Perhaps instead of a tyrannosaurus a Vecilaraptor (sp!).

    I like the idea of the barbarian horde from and Anduria - but that would require huge amount of work creating or managing an alternate continent.

    It is definitely one way to get the current BR realms united. No one likes the Gorgon but he has yet to start a, "kill them all" approach. With an invading force you just never know.

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    From memory, the Gorgon didn't need a "kill em all method" for our adventure campaign. The Gorgon worked in secret with the woman who eventually became queen of Avanil and Boeruine. She killed the king and then the Gorgon used new shadow gate technology/magic to invade Avanil and killed her. That was when the endplay with Teodor came in. So it was more like a blitzkrieg against an unsuspecting combined Avanil/Boeruine army. Once he came, he was in control and there was none to challenge him.

    Most of the campaign was trying to understand what was happening between Avanil and Boeruine and what the Gorgon was researching.

    Information Communication ILLUMINATION!!

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    Winning or not?

    Reading all people replies here I can find some very interesting ideas and some I find out of world ones to be honest. To be exact I do love the fact of a conspiring Raesene and I dislike the fact of T-Rex or any sort. I would like to not that Raesene was left to conspire and take over the Empire he was shunned thus making that even a new campaign making the "winning" part obsolete since a new all campaign of a dark and unforgiving Cerilia shine with Raesene as its new emperor. Then we have to keep in mind, Magian, the White Witch, the Raven and the Serpent, if the world is live and moving is Anuire is sucking deep what would the rest of the world do? Stand still? Then what about the Shadow World and the Cold Rider, what if he was partly trying to achieve Godhood over Arborea and into Aebrynis? What if he/she/it harvested the bloodlines of Azrai in order to combine them into a new status? What the blood of darkness do onto that? How does the actual deities help?

    A very important fact in the way "we" handle BR is that we never reset. What is done is done, thus leading us in a vast change of NPCs, domains, alliances etc, thus making the winning part also obsolete. Its a world spining into life for us and never ending.

    PS: No flame into different inspiration of people here by the way since every idea on the table served and played is leaving its own taste in its players so I cant judge what I have not tasted. The story scale part is my personal opinion and favor
    " The Empire will fall...."

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    After reading through the last post, I think it would be interesting to explore a campaign where the Awnies were dominant. A sort of classical Star Wars setting where the dark side holds a vast empire and the "points of light" are scattered and confused elements that haven't yet formed any viable resistance. A likely goal for those players to form some form of resistance and later into a "rebel alliance."

    What I like about this kind of campaign is that you can start it before the dark side becomes dominant by using the point where the printed material begins. First the fall into darkness from the corruption of the powerful and greedy rulers that serve only to divide from one another due to well earned mistrust of one another. Second the divide and conquer wars by the dark powers. Third the realization of what has just happened and the attempt to survive it to live and fight another day while the empires attempt fortifying their empires. Fourth reread the first paragraph. Any players who could hack it through the lose phase of the game and stick it out would probably be rewarded with a very dynamic and challenging campaign that will be the measuring stick they use for all other games.

    OK maybe it wouldn't be that awesome, but when players are so immune to loss in games they lose their appreciation for the powers of the villains to the point that even with the Gorgon looming and about to bear down upon them, their eyes are looking to the Khinasi lands to colonize. I think a campaign that illustrates that teamwork IS essential takes us back to the elements of what the game that seems to have been lost on some players and it would enrich the experience for everyone. Not to mention the fact that after the fall, they must earn everything they get from that point on.

    This to me seems like an ideal campaign arch that would allow for even the smallest domain to feel like they won the game.
    One law, One court, One allied people, One coin, and one tax, is what I shall bring to Cerilia.

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    Winnng?? Losing??

    Amen!!!Magian +1000!!!!
    " The Empire will fall...."

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    My current game started at the regent level with one PC as the Black Baron of Roesone and the other PCs as his vassals. The regent PC would go to war with Diemed and unite Roesone, Medoere, and Diemed into an area we referred to as the Kingdom of the Southlands. The Black Baron PC would turn evil over the course of the game and fake his death by creating a clone and placing the clone on the throne of the Southlands.

    The clone would be displaced and another PC would take his place as the next King of the Southlands. But this PC was evil too. In the PSo Medoere it mentions a magic sword that could rally forces against the Duke of Diemed. So the PC’s stole that sword and replaced it with a fake. So when the First “evil” King of the Southlands was replaced by the “people’s champion” PC it was a pretty seamless transition of power.

    The Southlands was now a threat to Avanil and Ghoere. In my game the Sword Mage was the virtual ruler of Ghoere and Baron Tael was a mere puppet. The PC would defeat and utterly destroy the Sword Mage in a battle in the swamp of Spiritsend. Without a clear regent of Ghoere; everyone invaded. The Southlands, Eliene, Osoerede, and Avanil claimed sections of Ghoere for themselves.

    The Second PC to be King of the Southlands would pass that title on to yet a third PC would the Second King was murdered by a dragon. Now it was during the reign of the Third King of the Southlands that yet another PC would start a religious civil war. The cleric PC had started his own religion; calling it the Church of All. For the PC this was a mockery of Christianity. So the Church of All went about trying to remove all other religious organizations from the territory that formed the Southlands. The Imperial Chamberlain was consulted and the Church of All was deemed unlawful in the eyes of the Empire.

    Now the Third King of the Southlands had been crowned the Duke of Diemed by the Imperial Chamberlain but the title of King was not upheld by the Empire. So the Third King had a choice to make of going against the Empire or trying to form his own. The PC’s choose to form their own dynasty. But the Cleric PC knew he had a problem: the Iron Throne. As DM I told him only an artifact level item could destroy the Iron Throne.

    In a side adventure for the PC’s, the witch Baba Yaga had been introduced and had become a reoccurring character. One of the PC’s wanted a change from D&D so when he died one time and said, “oh well I am dead guess it’s time to stop playing D&D.” I told that character he would get a chance to prove himself in another setting if he would do favors for Baga Yaga. So that is how Baga Yaga resurrected one of the fallen PC’s and turned him into her sex slave for a while. So any ways, once that joke stopped being funny; I gave that PC a chance to have some fun. So I sent that PC to a modern future and he set up in the jungles of Vietnam and built up like a warlord in Apocalypse Now. This PC’s most loyal henchmen would learn his master was still alive and come and save the PC from the future and bring him back to the D&D world.
    So anyway; the PC that went to Vietnam ended up intercepting a Chinese nuclear device being delivered to the North Vietnamese. So anyway; in the list of loot from the future the PC had a nuclear bomb.

    So the Cleric PC learns of this when that other PC returns to the D&D world. Negotiations begin and the treasury of the church is opened up. The Cleric PC secures the nuclear device and the other PC gets enough gold to form a mercenary army and begin to capture islands in the Straits of Aerele.

    The Cleric PC bombs the Iron Throne and eradicates the population of the Imperial City. So currently in my game the combined Imperial Temples of Haelyn have declared a Holy War on the Church of All. The Cleric PC did achieve part of his goal by destroying the Imperial Chamberlain. Now it is really up to the PC’s to form their own destinies; fore without the Iron Throne there can never be that Empire again and a new empires can emerge. The PC’s are free to found their own Birthrights and not seek to fight over what one thinks should be their Birthright

    TL;DR – I went the other way and the PC’s destroyed the Iron Throne so no more Empire

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    Wow. I so totally did not see that comming. First time I ever heard of a nuke the IC strategy.

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