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    [d20] A Game of Thrones RPG from Guardians of Order

    I had this book lying around somewhere, and gave it a second reading. Even though I like the new ASOIAF game from Green Ronin, I'm still a sucker for d20 based systems...

    This looks like a wonderful ruleset to base a Birthright campaign on. I always thought standard DnD magic is too "powerful" for Birthright (both 2e and 3e), but by using GoT I could add a few "spellcasting" Prestige Classes (10 levels), and use the rest as is.

    So, an arcane caster would first go the way of the "maester" (probably to be renamed "scholar"), and then prestige class into "Wizard".

    This would limit caster level to 10, and spell level to 5, which I'm quite fine with.

    Anyone ever had a look at this book?

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    I have it, I've read it, and I like it, but I've not considered using it, since my groups tend to like magic-users in their D&D. Also, I suspect they'd dislike the added complexity of the Influence mechanics.

    That said, it does look like a terrific conversion set for its world. I'm not sure it would apply too well to Cerilia, where the magic is "baked in". If you cut out a lot of the wizarding, or, as you say, limit it to a prestige class, it could work really well.

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    I have looked at it and I think it looks bloody awesome. I'm intent on trying to make a PBeM Birthright game based on the SOIAF RPG system. I think it looks wonderful and I entirely agree with you about the Magic User prestige class thing. Certainly, I'd like to see this system adapted for Birthright.

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