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Thread: PBeM going live

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    PBeM going live

    Hey BR community! Together with another long time BR player (we have both played BR since its launch), I am creating a 2nd edition BR (based in Anuire) campaign. This campaign will have a ton of cool ideas and we plan to keep the rules very simple. So, if you've only recently discovered BR or perhaps you are a long time player that gets wore down in a ton of rules, then this will be the campaign for you. We are using 2nd edition because it flows so much easier in a PBeM setting.

    This is where we need your help, however. I can see there were a lot of threads about "new awesome pbems" but it appears that most of them either A) never launched or B) only ran for a short time.

    Our goal is to run a long range campaign and we have a lot of ideas to get it there. BUT, we need your response to see if BR is even viable anymore. Please respond to this thread if you would be interested in playing in a balanced, ever evolving, duel-DM BR campaign.

    We will have a website dedicated to the PBeM and forums for history and interactions. We need to know if there are enough players out there, however, before we begin all the technical stuff.

    Please post your interest and any questions or comments you may have.

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    Interested I am, but would love to know more. A link to the website you spoke of perhaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adg View Post

    Interested I am, but would love to know more. A link to the website you spoke of perhaps?
    Yay! Glad to see someone alive out there. Right now, we are taking a poll to see how many active players there are for BR. The site is not up yet because we don't want to take the time and resources to do that until we have at least 10 players interested.
    Hopefully others will see this and get on board. Thanks for the response!

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    It's viable. We've had a table top game going since 1995. It is currently in 578MR.

    More information would be appreciated. You might get more nibbles.
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    Color me curious about this too

    There are four running that I know right now (Dawn, Reign 2, Eastern Marches, and Shards of a Broken Crown), so even if lots of people play in several of them, there seems to be enough players interested in these games. It's always more a matter of GM's burning under the burden of running such a game :S



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    I'm interested to learn more about the campaign. Would love to play in an old-school style BR game!
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    re: Some birthright

    I wanted to take the opportunity to post my interest in such a thing so as to at least lend some encouragement, but I'm not sure how reliable I can be in terms of playing for at least a week or two.

    Any idea as to when you'd want to start?

    Is there a specific region you want the game to focus on or do you allow a range of cultures/distance between realms?

    Landed regents only or may we be regents of guilds or temples?

    As its going to be 2nd edition what player class restrictions do you want to see? (Speaking as an unashamed fan of the anti-palladin concept, though I prefer to think of them as paragons of an amoral philosophy rather than comic book villains..)

    Thats just a few in terms of questions, but regardless of the answers the fact that you guys will be running such a game at all is awesome.

    Edit: Now that I've rushed in and posted on this thread it looks like I missed a thread or two with more information. My apologies if my questions are repeats.
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    I would urge you to elaborate a tad on your plans since there is surely interest all around. I would be glad to help you and participate if you come up with some of your plans in the near future. I would also like you to keep in mind that its summer time and people get complacent during this time of the year since there are more interesting things to get your time at. ((the beach etc))
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    Now this is what I'm talking about! It's really, really good to see the BR community still alive! Hopefully, we can bring a level of excitement to this campaign that no other has done (I know, that will indeed be a task)! But, listen in as the bard of the Straits of Aerele gives some lore about the upcoming BR campaign using 2nd edition rules!

    "Behold listeners! BEWARE! A new horizon rises before us. Although it is in plain sight, some cannot see the changes happening before them! There is the sound of war in the distance, the deceiving of nations all about us, brothers fighting brothers, darkness arriving from unknown locations, there is a Birthright Revolution taking place!

    Across Anuire, rulers of all domains are making advancements for the Iron Throne. What a prize! But what they do not know is that the forces that would destroy humankind kindle underneath their feet like coals awaiting to burst into flames! Will there be a ruler strong and wise enough to rise from the rest to lead the world? Only time, sweet time will tell..."
    Parstan Jollywood Bard from the Straits of Aerele.

    Basic gameplay rules:
    * 2nd edition rules - We will be providing the 2nd edition BR and PHB rules in PDF format, so don't worry of you don't know the rules that well. Again, we have played BR since its inception and we have tried nearly every version of every rule set out there and 2nd edition remains the most reliable/simplistic rule set for a PBeM.

    * Landed and non-landed regents - We plan to allow for a complete BR PBeM experience. Both types of domains will be available and we also have house rules that prevent the outright ownage of a landed regent taking out non-landed regents. I remember playing in one PBeM that lasted a total of like three turns because the poor DM allowed (without penalty) landed regents to simply declare war on non-landed regents and clean them out in one fell move. Not in this campaign my friends...

    * An adventure system that gives and takes away - So we have this adventure system that will allow your regents or lieutenants to go on quests that potentially have high rewards as well as high risks! The lower level the quest the lower the gains and risk and vice versa. But, truly amazing and epic things await those who are brave and diligent!

    * Anuire based campaign - The focus will be on the Northern Marches, Heartlands, Western Coast and Southern Coast. Ultimately, this will depend on the number of players.

    * Campaign Start - This is summer, so to prevent a lagging start, our target start date will be in August (UNLESS THE RESPONSE IS OVERWHELING TO BEGIN SOONER!) The last thing we want is to put in a lot of time and resources and then have a crappy launch. Our goal is to make this campaign one of the funnest and most memorable campaigns EVER!

    * House rules - We have developed a set of house rules to counteract some rules issues. However, we are not closed minded and we will be listening to the player base in order to continue to refine the rules.

    *All PC classes and alignments allowed - All 2nd edition PHB base classes will be allowed and the 2nd edition BR rules for multi-classing restrictions will apply. Also, there will be a reward/penalty system that will be adhered to for alignment. This keeps players truer to their regent's inner desires and personality. So whether you are good or evil, that's fine, just remember to keep it in character!

    * Over 34 years of combined BR experience and well more than that in D&D experience. Our knowledge of the game and rules should provide a fun, fair, and exciting gameplay experience.

    As interest continues to grow and we see more players coming onboard, we will release more information. If there is anything specific you'd like to know, then shoot, we will try to answer all questions! I check the board daily so let them come!

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    Exciting! I've never done a pbem, but I'm willing to give it a shot if birthright is involved, as I've not had much opportunity to play in this (seemingly pretty original and fantastic) gameworld.

    Interested, and eager to give it a go!

    Newb question the first - Would it be possible to begin play as a blooded lieutenant or vassal of some other regent? Begin blooded and organically come by whatever holdings through game play? Or are we to start as independent regents?

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