Hey guys,

I`m looking for public domain artwork that I can use in my BR text
_Legendary Beings and Mythic Monsters_, which is mostly a compilation of
the awnsheghlien, ersheghlien and BR inspired creatures that I`ve written
up in the past along with some other related materials specific to the BR
setting. So far I`ve been using a lot of the work of artists like the
Pre-Raphaelites, but things like landscapes and abstract works are
perfectly good for the backgrounds of pages. For the most part the major
criteria I`ve used is that it must be 100 years old or older, but anything
that is public domain should be worth considering.

Of course, finding artwork that is A) free and B) appropriate to a piece of
work as specific as this one is something of a dicey proposition, but so
far I`ve found some pretty decent pieces. I would, however, be more than
happy to find some additional sources, so if anyone has a line on such
things (websites that feature public domain work, for instance) I`d be obliged.

Thanks in advance,