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    First Post and First Question

    Hello, all. I've come here via The Piazza. I've never played Birthright - just when our DM was about to kick his long-promised campaign into gear, 3.0 came out and he went with that instead. I've always on-again, off-again wondered what the game would have been like.

    So, this seems like the place to ask! Where would you advise a total newbie (to Birthright) to get started? I'm not particularly worried about which rules system the material comes from, as I'd probably adapt it to B/X (or maybe my own system) anyway.

    Any pointers would be most appreciated.

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    As you need a group to play with, I'd suggest joining a pbem - they are always looking for players, particularly ones who won't drop out after a turn or two. That should give you a feel for the setting albeit without the normal 'tabletop' stuff, just the diplomacy and story-telling side to things.

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