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    Shackled City in Cerilia

    I am about to kick off a Shackled City campaign in Cerilia. It should be great fun, though it is a lot of work to convert over to the Birthright setting. Has anyone else done something like this?
    I decided to cut the Chimaeron in half and replaced the northern half with a four-province Cauldron Domain. I figure that the Demonskaar and Hookface the dragon keep the anshweigh contained in the south. I have even carefully copied and pasted the maps I downloaded to reflect the new geography. I have stated that Cauldron is technically a vassal of Coeranys by decree of its founding by the heir of Roele, but the ruler there doesn't really press the claim too much.
    I have replaced Adimarchus with Azrai. I don't want to go too much into detail in case my players are on this site, but basically when Azrai "died" he went to Hell. Asmodeus was loath to keep him around to tempt his lords, so he imprisoned him on the Abyss. (note that I have included in my own mind a cosmology of the outer planes that exist beyond the Shadow world, though Cerilians know very little about it).
    So if anybody has any ideas or want's to know more, let me know.

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    That's a fair bit of work, IMO. I wouldn't mind hearing more of it.

    I played in SC when my wife ran it, approximately 2003-2009. We never finished, but quit after the city was saved/ruined. She's let me skim the rest of the book, in case I wanted to run it someday myself. I don't' think I ever had the vibe to do it in Cerilia. {Now, a pulp-era South America setting, or a Star Wars or Traveller game, where demons = aliens? I'm all over that.}

    It's a rich setting, but I felt a little misled when I thought it would be an urban setting. I played an urban druid/bloodhound, so I was a bit out of my element with all of the out-of-town adventuring.

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    It's not too much work really. No more than converting over to any other setting. I am also doing it in Pathfinder, so that is a bit more of a pain. I am really very fond of the Cerilia setting and like the SC path it was a natural fit for me. Like I said, I put Cauldron in the northern half of the Chimaeron and restricted that Anshweigh to the southern half. I cut a couple of the adventures that dealt with extra-planar travel (Test of the Smoking Eye and the last one). While the Cagewrights are trying to resurrect Azrai, I decided to focus on the Cagewrights themselves. I did have to go item for item down the list of churches and nobles to make it more setting appropriate. I decided that the Embril is a cleric of Sarime.
    For those familiar with the Delvesdeep archives, I have used just about everything, including the alternate Cagewrights. I also have added gnomes, half-orcs, and monks to the game, mostly because for me they are iconic (I started playing D&D in the 3rd edition era).
    I just kicked off my game last week with character creation and intros. Hopefully the players get to town this week.

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