OK, so as I have posted elsewhere, I am making an adaptation of Geeman's brilliant War & Conquest (available in the downloads section...I recommend it for everybody) for my own game, and I have come up with a sticking point.

Artillery. In both the original rules and in Geeman's system, artillery is artillery is artillery. There is no differentiation between the various types of artillery. This in and of itself is not really that big an issue, as one can just assume a mix of engines in the unit, however, I am stuck when it comes to cannons. They are seriously more effective and also seriously more expensive, so I am wondering what others think about the following ideas.

1. Divide artillery into three basic types: Bolt shooters, Stone throwers, and Cannons.
A. Bolt shooters would have an effect on troops and possibly ships, but not on fortifications.
B. Stone throwers would affect all types of targets.
C. Cannons would as well, but would be much more effective and costly.

2. Possibly subdividing each of the above types further into light, medium, and heavy types.

Yes, I know the easiest method would be to just not allow for cannons, but I like them, as do my players, so I want to include them as a possibility.

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.