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    Haelyn and Goblins?

    I always thought that it was the general mentality of the King of Gods that the only good goblin is a dead one... Does anyone know of anything in the priestly books that talk about goblins and Haelyn's view of such?

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    I dont know about Haelyn, but if i recall right thurazor has Cuiraecen temples
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    I always thought that the Hidden Temple of Cuiraecen was for some of the local humans rather than the bulk goblin population in the Five Peaks, etc.

    Goblins were the servants of Azrai at Deismaar, and unlike the sidhe didn't change sidhes or get tricked into service. From a cultural necessity point, they were also the primary people displaced by the Anuireans so I'd expect a very negative view.

    I vaguely (and possibly incorrectly) recall a long-standing alliance between Boeruine and Thurazor, so perhaps the NTC preaches a softer angle, but otherwise I'd expect 'at best tolerance' to be the priestly view.

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    I can certainly see Cuiraecen being more accepted in the golblin community, even if not worshipped. He is more for the power and might of the individual versus Haelyn's power and the will/law) of the community. The main issues would be Belinik vs Cuiraecen.


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    Well, I always thought Haelyn was the epitome of a lawful good paladin. I can see the mindset being that no one is beyond redemption . . . .

    And, it might be a modern stereotype. But, I just don't think racial prejudices fit into the true lawful good paladin archetype. I think that's something that religions superimpose on things.
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