Don't know if this has been asked before but does anyone have a good Rjurik name for the taiga forest in their Highlands? I know they named the Aelvinnwode, so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of what to call it. I have trouble coming up with some good names. Also do you think that the Sidhe have their own names for their forests besides the Rhuannadaraight and the Coulladaraight.

For awhile I've been thinking about mixing some of the names that go with the forests. Such as placing the name of Aelvinnwode in the Rjurik northern forest and moving the Rhuannadaraight name to the Aelvinnwode since it borders the Miere Rhuann and Rhuannadaraight does mean Storm's Deeping. But I thought I'd see what anyone else had come up before deciding whether to make the changes.