hello, Adam Theo here with a request for some input on a campaign i'm
working on.
i have come up with a basic idea, but could use some ideas and suggesstions
that don't come from just myself. the campaign will revolve around the
Shadow World and it's aspects. this is the first game that i've run that
even mentions the Shadow World, so i'm anxious for it to be a very
memorable one for the players, indeed. what i could use is any ideas that
any of you guys have on the Shadow World, it's workings, and it's denizens.
the campaign will lead the players into discovering more about why the
Shadow World is now the land of death and nightmares. it will begin when
the most noble and newly-wed of the party members will be targeted by a
great force of evil lairing in the Shadow World. this pc will be plagued
with violent nightmares, increasing in horror as the nights pass. one
morning after the most horrible nightmare yet (where he found himself
becoming deadly violent with his wife), he awoke to find his own knife on
the floor beside him with blood on it. looking over, and seeing his wife
stabbed and killed by a knife wound. it depends from how he reacts as to
how the next will happen. if he does believe that he was wholy
responsible, he is "visited" by a vision of a man dressed in old simple
undyed robes on a mountain top with a coastline in the far distance from
the far up mountain top. the man (almost middle aged with long reddigh
hair and plain brown eyes that hold tremendous wisdom) tells him that he is
not to blame at all for his wife's murder, and to seek justice on the one
who is. from here, i have many basic ideas as to where this will lead (too
many to post here). what i could really use is some great prods or ideas
for the Shadow world and my campaign (which will ponder the questions of
life, death, and all in between, bringing in some great force, possibly a
god of death living in the Shadow World). when i finish this great
campaign, i will try to post it to the netbook along with a couple of other
things (a detail of the "vision" man and who he is). oh yes, and to KOS,
who contributed the Blood Star artifact....i like it alot and will be using
it as a campaign-revolver in the near future. thanks. and thanks to all
who can help me. if you could send any prods and ideas to me directly and
not to crowd the post, great.
Adam Theo Florida, USA