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    Michael Gerard Kothakota


    Has anybody had any luck turning PC's into Ehrsheghlien? When my players get
    back from hiatus, they are going to find one of the NPC's they know turning
    into an ehrshegh. That's as far as I've gone with it. There is one player
    who's character has the Bloodtrait ability, but has thus far not used it. I
    was talking to him about it on the phone, and he said that when he gets back he
    would like to start a transformation. I told him that it would be fine, but
    I'm really not sure on how it will affect game. I mean, I played an avangion
    in the Dark Sun campaign, but I had a real good DM (Props to Doug!). Which is
    not to say I'm a bad one, it's just that there is a lot going on in a BR
    campaign. And the characters just won a kingdom before the last session we
    had. Well, anyway, I'd like people's thoughts before I do this. I just gave
    some guy advice about awnsheghlien PC's in his campaign, but it's a little
    different with ehrsheghlien, since the character controls what they want to
    become. Thanks in advance.


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    Andrew Kerle


    Yea, we had a party member turn into a new Awnshleglien (I Think
    thats how you spell it,, I could be wrong ;-)

    When we realised , we attempted to kill him, but failed, and now we
    have a permanent enemy. He keeps popping up all the way through our
    adventures, throwing new plots at us all the time.


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