Spell Level: 3rd
Range: 1 square
Components: V,S,M
Duration: Instant
Area of Effect: 1sqaure per 5 levels

This spell, invented by a anuirean wizard who didnt think very much
of the consquences of this spell. When first used, all troops involved
were destroyed and a huge brush fire started. Since then the spell
has been very rare, and only afew wizards know it-- and would only use
it in the direst of circumstances.

The spell covers one battle square for every 5 levels of the caster
in amazing hot magical fire. The fire usually catches everything
in the vicinity on fire, and completly destroys any unfortunates located
there. The dying screams of his own troops were said to have driven
the spells creator insane, after which he commited suicide.

Any unit in the area of effect is destroyed. The battle usually ends,
as the battlefiend is enveloped in flames. Assume that, should the
battle continue, one battle area becomes covered in the 'Flames' terrain
which will be explained in a minute.

After the battle, the province level in which the spell was used is
lowered one level, unless there was no way the fire could spread or it
was somehow extingushed.

'Flames Terrain'
Any unit entering this terrain takes R in damage. At the end of any
battle turn, roll a six sided dice. On a 5 or a 6 the flames will
spread to another nearby square.