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    PC Awnsheilen

    Does anyone have any ideas on PC's becoming awnsheilien? (Will just call
    the awn., too hard to type ) I have a pc who wishes to become an awn..
    He has planned put what he wants to become, and it incorporates perfectly
    into my campaign. He wants to be able to manipulte his body to become like
    a t-1000 on the terminator. There was already an awn. like this, Dyabolic,
    who was rated as the second most powerful awn. He was defeated by the
    Gorgon with the use of his gazes. Dyabolic was immune to all weapons,
    magic and the such, because he was able to form his body around the weapon.
    Also, he was able to move like a pool of water underneath doors and
    through cracks. I understand why he was so bad. The question I have is
    how long should it take? Shuld the PC determine what he becomes? In
    reading "The Spiders Test", it explains that tal-Quazar just happened to
    notice "bumps" begin forming on his back, after a few more bloodthefts, he
    was turning into the Spider. He had no idea what was happening, and
    eventually, with the gift of immortality, he went insane. How would a DM
    regulate the PC slowly losing his character to the way he normally plays
    him, to becoming a creature who is not always going to do or think the way
    the PC does? Any ideas?

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    Michael Gerard Kothakota

    PC Awnsheilen

    On Jul 31, 6:22am, Bond007 wrote:
    > Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - PC Awnsheilen
    > Does anyone have any ideas on PC's becoming awnsheilien?

    PC's become awnsheghlien (as do all awnsheghlien) only if they have the
    Blooform blood ability. Also, it depends on how often the awnsheghlien use
    their powers. If they use them a lot, then every use brings the possibility of
    a corrupting effect taking place (in my campaign, 51 or greater on 100 die).
    And it depends on their strength in that ability (i.e., major, great). Of
    course there is what happens after bloodtheft and anytime the PC increases
    their bloodline strength. The very act of increasing Azrai's power in the body
    has a corrupting effect.
    Now, as to how you regulate it... Well, that's up to the DM. If you
    want him to turn into a creature like the Diabolyk, then I would suggest slowly
    bringing about phase changes. Say, once a domain turn (i.e., first let him
    melt every night for about three hours, kind of like Odo on DSN). Then, have
    him survive a killing blow by another enemy (in overwhelmed odds). The enemy
    sees this awesome power when his sword doesn't pierce the PC and flees in
    terror, leaving the PC in awe and wonder at his new power. And then you just
    take it from there.
    HOwever, I warn you not to let the PC get carried away. Once the
    character gets to a certain stage in his metamorphisis, he should be
    semi-retired or just plain retired. A PC with the powers of the Diabolyk could
    easily unbalance the game. IT would be nearly impossible to kill him, unless
    you introduced several more creatures with gaze attacks, or special weapons to
    kill him.
    Just MHO.


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