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Thread: Divine Wrath

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    Divine Wrath

    After reading "The Iron Throne" by Simeon Hawk, my view of Divine Wrath
    changed on how I let my players use it. It appeared that in the book, when
    the odds were lookng real bad for Michael Roele, his Divine Wrath would
    invoke. He only used it like four times through the entire book. When he
    fought Lord Arwyn, who had double-crossed his family (a true example of the
    way the rule book describes Divine Wrath), in the shadow world against a
    ton of skeletons (his entire unit of fighters was close to being
    annilated), maybe once more in a battle (not for sure), and then versus the
    Gorgon (who of course killed his wife). I allow my players to invoke DW
    when the group is seriously outnumbered and the odds are looking bad, when
    they encounter someone who has harmed the group or kingdom before, and
    sometimes just when it seems cool or appropriate. (Divine Wrath is my
    favorite power). I believe that DW is by far the most powerful for its
    class (major power) and nearly the most powerful under travel, detect life
    (a near god ability!), and a few other great powers. DW could have been a
    Oh BTW, the Emporer was like Roele II (I think) and the awnsheigh was
    Roele II used the Emporers Crown to get the Divine Wrath power.

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    Ray Davis

    Divine Wrath

    Interesting question....

    I'm running a game where one of my players has this ability.
    I have yet to allow him to use this ability primarily since he has
    failed to Role play
    a particular hatred, pursue a particular passion or what have you.

    IMHO this leaves much of the work on the player to indicate to the DM
    what is important
    to him through Roleplaying rather than by just telling him.

    If he roleplays a patriot, then when fighting foes of his kingdom...
    If he roleplays a family man/woman, then when opposing those who would
    harm his family...

    Hope this gives some insight.

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