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    Emanuel Matos

    Khinasi Oaths of Magic

    I have assumed that all true mages that show up are "asked" to take
    the oaths upon arrival in Khinasi lands. If refused then they are labeled
    renegades and actively hunted.

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    Khinasi Oaths of Magic

    At 03:17 PM 7/29/97 -0400, Brandon Quina(
    >What happens when a Khinasi wizard meets another true mage, who isnt
    >Khinasi, but who dosnt abide by the five oaths that their forced to
    >swear-- are they forced to destroy him???

    This is one of those sticky cultural situations. Even today in our world
    what may be a norm in one region is taboo in another(shakeing hands with the
    wrong hand, looking at another mans wife, burping in public, etc.). Even
    givin the incredible amount of info. we know about other lands in the modern
    world its quite possible to say or do something that results in an "extreme"
    reaction when we travel to a another nation(ie. getting "caned" for
    vandalism). Now givin the nature of a medievil fantasy campaign I can see
    this going even further. Particularly when you start talking sacred "laws".
    Khinasi Mages would view *any* Mage not abiding by the Oaths as an evil
    heathen who should be stopped before he poisons the pure with his sickness.
    As we all know people tend to carry thier cultures with them, and a Khinasi
    Mage who finds himself in an alien land where Mages do not follow the Oaths
    would be repulsed but, may restrain himself knowing he was out numbered. Now
    if a foriegn Mage travels into Khinsai lands he better have read up a
    little, or have a good guide, because if he is caught breaking the Oaths
    there is no doubt his life would be forfit. Anyways thats my 2 GBs.


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