When a magic user of any kind uses the Research, does he gain XP's for his

If so, this allows the wizard regent (who is assumed to have a labratory) to
gain an experince level every 6 or 7 months. (According to the DMG,
researching a spell gives the reasearcher 500 XP per spell level, and it can
take as little as 2 weeks per spell level ) Even assuming that the wizard
will fail in his attemps 80% of the time, it still becomes very easy for the
wizard to gain levels.

Also, how much XP do wizards get for researching realm magic and converting
conventional spells to battle spells and upgrading those battle spells.

My solution to this was to allow the magic using characters to use the
research action to gain XP, but to add a new option to the Training character

Gain Experience
The character spends time working on his class based abilities. Fighters may
hire instructors to teach them fencing. Thieves spend time practicing
lockpicking, and so on. A success roll is needed (5 - character's level),
which may be modified by spending GBs only. If successful, the character adds
1/5 of the total experince needed to get to the next level.

Michael Hahn
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