I created an artifact for my BR campaign annd wanted some opinions on it. If
you like the artifact, please feel free to use it in your own campaigns.

Blood Star
An artifact made of tighmaevril, the Blood Star is composed of 6 pieces
which link together like a puzzle. Each piece is rumored to have its own
power, but their true strength lies when they are joined as one.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Individual Powers:
Piece 1) Detect Blooded Characters 30' rad.
Piece 2) Detect Regent Characters 30' rad.
Piece 3) Detect Tighmaevril (besides itself) 30' rad.
Piece 4) Detect Bloodline Strength relative to owners 2 times/day
i.e. stronger, weaker, much stronger; not actual points
Piece 5) Detect Bloodline Derivation 2 times/day
Piece 6) Detect Blood Abilities 2 times/day

Joined Powers:
Target receives save vs. spell against both powers.
Both are useable twice per day.
1) Upon command word, drain one target blooded character within 5' of 3d6
points of bloodline strength. If this reduces a character to 0 blood str.,
character in no longer blooded and if a regent, is treated is as killed
without bloodtheft. The drained points are stored within the star, and
retain their original derivation, therefore you must keep track of strength
and derivation of points drained. If the same derivation is drained twice,
the points are added together. Target also takes 3d6 points of damage.
If taget saves, they only take the 3d6 damage, no blood strength is lost.

2) Upon command word, transfer all bloodline points stored within star to
target character within 5'. Target also takes 2d6 points damage. Bloodline
derivation of points transfered reverts to the derivation of the target
unless the total amount of any one derivation transfered is greater than the
current bloodline strength of the target. If one is greater, than the
characters derivation becomes that derivation. If two or more or greater,
than the strongest/hoghest amount becomes the new bloodline derivation. If
equal, DM's choice or random. If target saves, they only take the 2d6 points
of damage, no blood strength is transfered.

Any bloodline points stored in the star disperse into the enviroment at a
rate of 1 point per week. Derivation dispersed is determined randomly.

Side Effects:(only in effect when pieces joined together)
1) While in possession of the Blood Star, there is a 40% chance of blood
abilities of character not working when the character tries to use them.
Logically, abilities such as Bloodmark are not affected by this.

2) While in possesion of the Blood Star, the character may not raise his
Bloodline Strength by any means except by using the powers of the Blood

3) When using one of the joined powers, character using Blood Star must save
vs. spell. If unsuccessful, the character using the Blood Star loses 1d6
bloodline points. These are not absorbed into the Blood Star. Character also
takes 3d6 points damage. If save is successful, no bloodline points are
lost, but character still takes 1/2 damage (round up).

4) Corrupting effect as per Artifact rules in DMG.

I have not yet come up with a way to destroy the Blood Star yet. Any
suggestions would be helpful. The Blood Star was created by Ghoigwnnwd to
counteract the power of his original weapons. He found that he powers of the
Bloos Star were even more of a threat then the tighmaevril weapons
themselves. He was not powerful enough to destroy the star, so instead he
split the star into 6 pieces and scattered them across the continent.