Anuirean Journal - Issue 23 (Diesmir / 572 MR)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
12 Coin Street, Market District, Anuire City.

Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Nobles
Printing By: Royal Collage of Sorcery
Archive Site:

Haelynir - Deismir 572 MR


(6/4) Talinie crushes local merchants, guilder flees.
(9/4) Chaos on the streets as Broesengae put Peaceful Seas to the sword.
(15/4) Darien Avan calls Broesengae action "Dangerous".
(12/5) Sendoure moves against Hydra.
(21/5) Dragon attacks Mhowe, city devastated. Mercenary leader blamed.

North West Anuire:
Includes: Boeruine, Tournen, Alamie, and Talinie.

(3/4) The Boeruine trading guild has started construction of a new
and trading center to be built over the next several month. Work is
proceeding well. In related news the guild has expanded its holdings in
Seasedge province with the addition of a new warehouse to handle an
expected increase in foreign trade.

(4/4) Talinie has increased the size of its military with the addition
two new infantry units to its army.

(6/4) DECREE: Messages from Marcus Dern of Talinie

1. I Marcus Den do hereby charge the despicable guilder Storm Holston
heresy. He has blasphemed against the church in both word and action. He
will now be considered an enemy of the state and will be arrested on
As a fugitive from the law all properties and monies belonging to or
the control of Storm Holston are forfeit. The Royal army will burn the
properties to the ground should the guilder not surrender.

2. The nation of Talinie has prospered in the grace of Haelyn's divine
radiance. Haelyn smiles upon his people this season and so all taxes
be waived for the next three months.

3. The recent seizure of guild holdings in the nation has left some
in the economy. The guilder Bannier Andien has the full support of the
nation and the church to fill these holes.

(6/4) The Talinie military has moved in an arrested all members of the
guild belonging to Storm Holston. The guilder himself is believed to
fled to Dhoesone to escape the authorities. It is believed that his
with the government involved a failure to pay taxes owning. As a result
Talinie has taken his holdings as payment.

(9/4) Alamie has increased the size of its military with the
of a new infantry unit into its forces.

(5/5) The Boeruine trading guild today announced plans to build a road
the province of Nietier into the Five Peaks.

(6/5) Aeric Boeruine has express concern about plans for a road into the
Five Peaks saying that he had no wish to provide the bandits and
from that rough land free and easy passage into his kingdom.

(19/5) The Alamie government has announced the founding of a new trading
route between Alaroine province and Anuire province in Avanil. The new
route will carry grains and leather goods down through Endier into
Charges will apply to merchants wishing to transport their goods on the
government's caravans.

(7/6) The Alamie government continued its law and order program this
with expansions of watch programs in Soutmoor and Laereth provinces.

(10/6) The people of Torunen prosper. Farmers have reported good
over recent months and their recent rains have meant that the planting
season will commence soon. One local farmer said that it was the best
he had seen in many years.

(17/6) The Boeruine trading guild has set up a new caravan route,
goods from Seasedge province to Rivien.

(21/6) The government of Talinie has spent the last month on a kingdom
law and order program to bring to justice the last remanets of the guild
empire of Storm holstien.

(23/6) The small office of the Alamie police force in Tournen has been
closed this month after an order from the government of Tournen.

(24/6) Duke Alam of Alamie has continued his search for a court wizard
month. The latest wizard to apply for the position is Elamien Mornstone,
long time resident of Alamie. It is not known if the Duke has accepted
Elamien or not.

South West Anuire:
Includes: Avanil, City of Anuire, Taeghas, Broesengae, and Mieres

(1/4) Broesengae has begun the construction of a Grand Palace in the
province of Bindier. The new palace when completed will house the court
Broesengae as well as serve as a home for the regent and her guests.

(9/4) In a shock move the army of Broesengae has been sent onto the
in action against the Peaceful Seas of Nesirie temple. Most of the
have fled the kingdom, while a few have been captured. Broesengae has
claimed all former temple buildings as property of the government banned
the temple from practicing in Broesengae ever again. Many have been
by this action which is believed to have been sparked by the failure of
temple to pay tribute to the government. The head of the Peaceful Seas
denounced the ruler of Broesengae, Eriene Mierelen, as a half-breed fool
who has yet to learn the true power of the gods. The high priest, Daffyd
Tamaere has called on all worshippers of Nesirie to unite against the
tyrant from Broesengae and has sent off messengers to Avanil and Taeghas
for aid.

(15/4) Prince Darien Avan has called the recent Broesengae action
but has said that his government has no plans to assist the Peaceful
of Nesirie at this time.

(2/5) The Taeghas government has expanded its legal service in several
province and also built two small trading posts to bring in more income
the country.

(21/5) The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn from Ilien has built a small
to Haelyn in the Mieres province of Serien. It was also going to build a
shrine in Ghaele province but was prevented from doing so by local
representatives of the Eastern Temple of Nesirie.

(29/6) The Broesen Royal Guild's holdings in Marilen province have been
expanded over the last few weeks. In related news the guild has started
new trade route carrying produce from Bindier province to the imperial

Southern Anuire:
Includes: Diemed, Medoere, Roesone, and Aerenwe.

(4/4) The Aerenwe settlement on Caelcorwynn Island has been expanded
this month. The government has made more land available to settlers,
have taken the opportunity to move here, away from the mainland. Several
smaller villages are now being built in the east and south of the

(8/4) Baron Diem has set up a small guild in Bliene province, and also
in Bhalaene province in Ghoere.

(9/4) In Roesone there has been an attack on the holdings of the temple
Rournil there. Messages depicting Lenviath da Enlien in a bad light were
painted on the walls of the main Caercas temple. High Priest Enlien is
reported to be furious and on his way to Roesone to look into the

(16/4) Shiele Ghoried proudly presented her new Guilder assistant Luke
Ghoried, to the entire company. Luke is also Shiele's younger brother
has followed her since their father's death many years ago. Luke has
learning the ropes from his more experienced sister for several years
and has actually represented her on many occasions to negotiate trade
and led the guild on many trips and adventures.

Below is an excerpt from SG's speech:

"....Today marks the Coming of Age for Luke and I'm proud to say that
has performed beyond the requirements that I have set for him. I hereby
declare that he will be my second-in-command from now on......Luke will
lead a trade mission to the faraway land of Bhaine in Taeghas to explore
the possibility of new source of trade"

(29/4) The temple of Rournil in Medoere has continued to expand, this
attempting to move further into Diemed. Opposition from the government
the temple of Haelyn in Ciliene province however prevented this
so the temple has now established a shrine in Tier province.

(30/4) Following the announcement of the successful expedition of Ynis
Craven, the Spider River Traders has conducted a thorough study of the
colony. It has been declared by the financial analysts of Spider River
Traders that the island has great potential to be a great seaport in the
future. Shiele Ghoried has applauded the news and announced that Spider
River Traders will set up a new branch of the guild on the island to
promote commerce and trading.

(3/5) "With the recent rumblings across the realm, many regents have
their subtle consolidations of their holdings....It almost seem like
something big is going to happen soon." Shiele Ghoried of the Spider
Trader's voiced her concern after reading the latest issue of the
Journal. To prepare her guild and also protect the welfare of the
of Aerenwe and Roesone, Shiele Ghoried will improve the efficiency and
of the guild's holdings in various provinces. "I hope to complete our
internal re-organisation soon so that we can project into the future
with a
better understanding"

(7/5) To encourage more commerce flow across borders, Shiele Ghoried and
Luke Ghoried of the Spider River Traders have started a series of trade
missions across the realm with their newly expanded merchant fleet. Luke
Ghoried heads off to Taeghas in the hope of setting up a new guild while
Shiele oversees the set up of new trade routes across the seas.

(25/5) Aerenwe has built a new lighthouse in the south of the province
Shadowgreen. This new lighthouse will assist merchant vessels in their
passage through the area between the mainland and Caelcorwynn island.

(28/5) The Eastern Temple of Nesirie today opened its new temple in the
province of Ynis Craven, on Caelcorwynn island. The new temple is the
major temple based on the island, although the Church of Storm's height
set up a shrine on the island.

(1/6) The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn has expanded its holdings in
building a new shrine in Halried province.

(9/6) In the Aerenwe province of westmarch members of the Impregnable
of Haelyn temple have been arrested and their shrine burnt to the ground
after Lord Swordwraith declared that no temple but the Eastern temple of
Nesirie would ever find a hold in Aerenwe.

Central Anuire:
Includes: Endier, Ghoere, Mhoried, and Elinie

(19/4) A new unit of scouts has been commissioned in Endier, although
have asked what need a single province kingdom like Endier would have

(9/5) Most of the Nobles of Elinie have payed the required tax to the
government in return for a room at the new palace that is being built.

(11/5) Mhoried has been busy this month building in the provinces of
Bevaldrour and Byrnnor. The new construction has been mainly new houses
provide homes for the increasing populations of both provinces. Recent
birth rates have led to a higher that expected growth rate in Mhoried
recent years.

(13/5) Mhoried has also expanded the police force in several provinces
keep local thieves under control.

(16/5) Haelyn's Aegis has been very busy this month building wells in
of the smaller villages and towns across Ghoere. Also the temple has
announced that it will be building a granary to store food for times of
famine. This granary will be built in Achiese province near the main
of Haelyn's Aegis.

(23/5)Lauriel Kalien of Endier has announced the fortification of her
holdings in Maesford province to prevent attacks by bandit bands that
been roaming the province.

(27/5) The temple of Avanalae in Elinie has been very vocal in its
of the ruler of Elinie this month.

(3/6) The various rulers of Ghoere's provinces have supplied a large
of grain from this years harvest to the new granary built last month by
Haelyn's Aegis. The temple has also bought several wagons to use for the
distribution of the grain when needed. At the same time the temple
that it would be building a small wall around its holdings to help
it in case of war.

(10/6) A crack down on unlawfulness and banditry by the Elinie
has been in progress for the last week. Several known thieves were
and thrown in prison.

(14/6) The mysterious Sword Mage has recently been seen in the court of
Vaesil Tael of Ghoere. What ever was discussed between the two remain as
much a mystery as the mage him/herself.

Northern Anuire:
Includes: The Five Peaks, Thurazor, Cariele, Dhoesone, and Tuarhievel.

(3/4) Fhiele Dhoesone has held a day of celebrations across her kingdom.
Her government payed for a large amount of ale and food to be spread
the many people attending the celebrations. During the festival Fhiele
announced that settlements in the province of Bjondrig would be expanded
over coming months to allow for an expected increase in the population
this province.

(4/5) The Dhoesone government has expanded it's holdings in Bjondrig
province, setting up a small trading post and a ranger station.

(5/6) A large sum of money has gone missing from the Dhoesone treasury
all indications leading to the Northern Imports and Exports guild as the
culprits. According to our agents the suspect guild has a reputation as
bunch of thieves. They deny this claim and counter claim that the
Northlands Exchange is the bunch of thieves and it is they who are
responsible for the theft from you treasury. Dhoesone officials are
investigating the thefts.

Eastern Anuire:
Includes: Osoerde, Coernays, Iron Hills, Sielwode, and Baruk-Azhik.

(3/4) King Devlyn Finn, recently returned from his trip to the Osoerde
announced that a large number of new mining leases will be granted for
province of Lyssan. Already the government has been inundated with new
claims for the mineral rich mountains.

(12/4) The Church of Storm's Height has announced the winner of the
Swordsmanship contest held last month.

And the winner is.....(drumm ruffle).. Sir Nekrul, lieutenant to the
of Iron Hills country!!! (Trumpets) And the grand prize: a sword of his
choice (type) will be specially made as: triple base cost (it is a
beautiful one indeed!), wavy blade (like kris) of stainless steel with a
deep bloodgroove which in inlaid with silver. The handguard are
from brass with silver inlaid lightning (like in the Cuiraecens symbol).
The handle is polished ivory, a bit conical with a steel pommel on top.
Next to the magnificent blade (and a stainless scabbard with a battle
encarved), he gets a medal, donned by the High lord Imperator himself;
Medal of Battle Wisdom. (The matches were well fought, most of them were
almost equal opponents. Although the king of the Iron Hills had a
blade and considerable skill, he lost, more of good luck than superior
fighting, to Blaede Raehech (brother of Wincae and Marquess of
Blaede however, seemed no match to the superior fighting techniques of
lieutenant of the Iron Hills. He dispatched him with great skill, it was
beautiful battle to watch. In the battle for the third place, Devlyn
did not have much trouble with dispatching a young lad, who had been
adventuring as a Paladin to Cuiraecen for some years, and was indeed
good for his age. The Elven king, however, had been able to hone his
fighting ability with his magical sword for many a year, and dispatched
young paladin with quite some ease. Second and third place did not
a prize, but the the general atmosphere among the competitors was very
well, as all went from the 'ring' to the feast and had many a good drink
and laugh about the fights of the day.)

(7/5) The cater to the expanding population of Lyssan province. The Iron
Hill's Trading Guild has built several new trading posts to supply
and travellers in the area.

(9/5) The royal guild of Baruk-Azhik has again expanded its holdings in
Osoerde, now controlling an even greater slice of that kingdoms trade.

(14/5) The Coeranys government has continued its law and order program
several provinces this month.

(16/5) The city of Mhowe has been reporting several strange occurrences
the past day. Large numbers of the cities feral dog population have been
turning up dead. One report spoke of a ghost wielding a mighty sword
running around beheading dogs.

(19/5) More strange occurrence in Mhowe. Now the people are talking
about a
strange lizard creature and a walking stone statue wandering the
King Finn has ordered troops onto the streets to get to the bottom of
is happening.

(19/5) A running battle has been fought on the streets of Mhowe between
government troops and a local mercenary leader. The mercenary eventually
captured a boat which was later seen ablaze in the harbour.

(21/5) Several areas in the government district of Mhowe are still
after an overnight attack by a large creature identified by locals as a
Dragon. The reason why an almost mythical creature would show up in
and burn down part of the city has not been explained, but government
officials have blamed mercenary leader, Cowan the Sword for the trouble.
According to locals the trouble began late last night when a creature
resembling a Dragon showed up over the city and proceeded to burn down
several buildings before lying off carrying something in its claws. The
fire soon spread throughout most of the government district of the city.
The death toll has fortunately only been low, but rebuilding of
buildings is expected to be very expensive.

(24/6) The Church of Storm's height has continued its expansion into
Rhormarch this month, as well as increasing it's guild holdings on
Celcorwynn Island.

(27/6) WANTED ALIVE: Cowan the Sword, last seen in Lyssan province.

- Theft of Royal Belongings.
- Destruction of Royal Holdings.
- Murder.
- Attempted Murder.
- Failure to pay foreign import tax on Dragon.
- General Nastiness.

Reward of 20,000 GP's.
Considered Armed and Dangerous (he has two of them and a sword).

Includes: Rhormarch, Coullabhie, The Burrows, Ariya, Binsada, The
Aftane, Sendoure,
The Tarvan Waste, Zikala, and Mesire.

(1/4) The Breadfruit North-South guild has announced an easterly
into Rheulgard. This will enable the guild to sell to customers who
now had never traded outside their own province.

(3/4) The Frodrik Foresstannen guild of Rhormarch has begun construction
a new port facility in the province of Friedlund. The new port will not
able to cater to the large vessels, but smaller caravels and cogs will
able to travel upstream to reach it.

(5/4) The Rhormarch government has set up a new organisation known as
Rhormarch Scouts. This new organisation will train youths from all over
kingdom in the ways of the rangers. They will be taught skills that will
enable them to survive in the wilderness and track animals for food.
organisation is expected to provide a well trained group of youngsters
will be ready to join the Rhormarch Pathfinders without much in the way
further training, saving both money and time for he Rhormarch army.

(9/4) The Ariyan government has announced that all guilds with trade
running into or out of Ariya will now have to pay a tariff to the
government. There has been no response from the effected guilds yet.

(23/4) The Zikala leadership has made a personal appeal to the people of
Turin province to cast aside their rebellious ideas and return to the
of their ruler.

(12/5) Areas of the devastated northern provinces of Rhormarch have been
rebuilt and already the people are returning. King Alaric has announced
that soon he will be making an announcement that will ensure the
of Rhormarch.

(12/5) Sendoure forces have moved into the southern provinces and driven
out the bandits owing their allegiance to the Hydra. Already other
have moved in to take their place. Sendoure authorities have also
established their own law holdings in the provinces.

(15/5) The Ariyan Temple of Avani has been expanded in several provinces
over recent weeks.

(29/5) The Breadfruit North South guild has begun the fortification of
its main buildings. According to a spokeshalfling this was to protect
guild against bandits.

(2/6) Zikala has expanded its police force in several provinces over

(3/6) After recent call for some form of law and order in the northern
provinces of Rhormarch, the Frodrik Foresstannen guild has answered
up two small law holdings in Rhorgaard and Osternord provinces.

(5/6) The Rhormarch government has expressed concern about guilds
controlling he legal authorities of Rhormarch and has expanded its own
and order organisations.

(10/6) Ariya has set up a small settlement on the Isle of Ghosts off the
coast of Ariya. The has been some trouble with local bandits and pirates
who claim the island as their own though. The settlement has been named