I dont know about other people, but I agree that ruling a holding that
has been contested is abit strict.. I do, however, agree that the twice
in a row and your outta there-- thats what regency points are four..

However, I do let my players-- if they can, spend ( level of holding
x 5 ) in regency points to keep their holding levels after their
contested again, provided that they loose atleast ONE level..

ie. one of my guilders contested el-hadid, and succedded.. El-hadid
had thrown alot of regency into the bidding war, but luck was with the
PC, who rolled a 20. Anyways, el-hadid spent 15 regency points to keep
a hold on his guilds-- and ended up with a guild three in Ilien..

- --

the only other changes ive made, is that you HAVE to have either
law holdings, or the same type of holding in the province. If you
have neither of those, then you have to spend an amount of regency
equal to the level of the target to attempt the action.

ie. your a regent in aerenwe with rule of the province, and no law
holdings. You want to contest a level 6 guild holding, so you have
to spend 6 regency points to even make your roll at a success number
of 10+.

- -

also, the way to break a contest is to contest the holding that is
contesting you. Thus, if you're level 6 guild holding has been
contested, the way to get it back is..

A) to contest the province that is contesting you.
B) to use a rule action on the holding.

no matter what you do, it has no effect other than to un-contest your

- ----

just my 2cp