> When somebody fortifies a holding he has to pay 4/5 GB's per level of the
> holding to fortify it.
> Once fortified the rules do allow you to rule a fortified holding and
> holding stays fortified.
> This seems a bit absurd, create a 0 level Holding cost 1Gb, fortify it
> cost 0 GB, and then rule it up to save yourselve 4GB per level.
Actually, this saves you nothing. The holding only remains fortified to
the level that was paid for. So if you fortified the holding at level 0
(I don't actually think you could, because this means you can't put any
troops in it) and raised it to level 10 (good work!) Only the 0 level is
fortified. This means an army invading can raze the 10 levels, leaving
you with a level 0 holding. The fortification level doesn't increase at
the same time as the holding lavel..you have to pay again and use another
domain action to increase the level (exactly the same a a castle,