whoops, I forgot to tell everybody what the * means on the chart..

The battle cards only have 9 diffrent 'sides'. ie. there are nine
possible outcomes to your attack. This is a ten-sided dice. You have
two options, that I can see, on what to do on a 10.

Either. 1= a ten means you re-roll the dice


2= a ten means that you roll a d8, and if the roll is a 1-4
you roll again as if your attack value was one less.
if its a 5-8 you roll again, as if it was one more.

ie. Your archers are in combat with a pair of irregulars. You fire
your missles, and roll the dice. You get a ten, so you roll the d8.
You get a 7 on the d8, so you roll the dice again, but this time your
archers have a 5 missle for this round.

((needless to say, I use option 2 :) ))

also, if anybody cares to, its rather easy to expand the chart to cover
- -4 -5 and +4 +5 :) I already did so, but its not that hard
to do for anybody who wants to..

I hope people like it..