A suggestion to the BR designers--

>A campaign expansion has been done for every division of Cerilia so far
(ruins of empire, cities of the sun, rjurik highlands, havens of the great
bay, and tribes of the heartless wastes.). I haven't gotten around to
buying the PS DP for Tuarhievel or Baruk-Azihk yet, and I don't know what
is contained in there about the non-human races (thier culture, way of
life, expanded descriptions from the rulebook, etc), but have you guys
thought about taking each elven, dwarven, goblin, and orog realm and
putting them into one other expansion to give a chance to fully describe
the non-human races and thier realms in fuller detail all at once. I
understand that the non-human realms are described in the respective human
culture expansions, but i feel that having a whole other expansion
dedicated to the non-human cultures would be fabulous, maybe expanding upon
the realms themselves alittle. <
>My two pennies<
>And my greatest compliments to the folks here participating in the mailing
list and to Darkstar for maintaining the BR Netbook for all of us BR fans<
Adam Theo Florida, USA