Hello, I've been watching the list for a while and this is my third time
trying to get something on it. I'm an experienced DM ( 4years) but new to
BR. I'm currently DMing 3 solo campaigns for BR as a way to flesh out my
BR world. I'm with Darkstar's PBeM BR game as Boeruine Trading Guild.
here goes take 3...

I addressed these questions with Darkstar a couple of weeks ago, but I
would like to see what you guys have to say about it.

First, for a guildmaster to create a trade route between two provinces,
does he need a guild holding in both provinces or just in the one where the
trade route originates?

Second, if the guildmaster is a thief and gains regency from his trade
routes, when is the additional recency applied? Before or after domain
power and bloodline strength are compared to determine regency gained for
the domain turn? In other words, is the value of the trade route added to
the domain power before regency is awarded, or not?

Third, is a trade route a one way deal, or both ways? What I mean by that
is if a guildmaster has a guild in a forest province and he creates a trade
route to a mountain province (keeping my first question out of this)
generating 5GB a turn, and he also has a guild holding in the mountain
province.-----This will sound really absurd, but it's been bugging
me----Can the guildmaster then create another trade route from the
mountains to the forest, generating another 5GB?

Fourth, with a seaport trade route, can the other host province be any
different terrain province, or only another seaport province?

If anyone can answer any of these, thanks alot!
more questions along the way.
Adam Theo Florida, USA
****I don't have one of those short personal epitaphs(for lack of a better
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