Question for everybody. The question has arisen in our campaigns whether or
not a regent collects from the Temples in their domain, or any holding for
that matter, that they do not control themselves. For myself, playing the
regent of Endier, it is pretty clear. However, another PC is regent of the
now reunified arch-Duchy of Alamie(Alamie & Tuornen). Fhlylie the Sword has
extensive holdings throughout, and well into Ghoere and Mhoried as well, and
according to my DM, the Player's Secrets to Tuornen lists her as a
lieutenant of the regent. However, Braedonnal is no longer a part of the
Duke's court, so that might have changed.

In short, for those familiar with Tuornen, does the regent collect money and
regency from Fhylie, or is her temple a seperate entity that collects those
for themself(leaving the regent to do the law claim thingy)?

Thanks in advance,
Shawn Hudson