Does anybody know how to integrate dragons into the campaign world. I'm
thinking of trying it when my campaign resumes, but I don't really know how I'm
going to do it. They seem to be too powerful. Admittedly, the stats aren't
all THAT powerful, but they are supposed to be "sources unto themselves" as
someone on this list suggested. Well, I was just wondering if someone could
help me out on this.

I was wondering... Could a commoner, unblooded and lowly as he is, become
powerful enough, either as a paladin or a priest or anything to achieve
bloodpowers out of respect. I mean, in other worlds (gasp! other worlds!)
heroes may rise to godhood. If bloodpowers are the essence of godhood, then
why couldn't a commoner, once he reached a certain level, be imbued with powers
by the land?

Also, I've been reading the digests and came across a discussion about people
becoming emperor of Annuire. What I think people are focusing on too much is
the false presumption that Anuire has to have an Emperor of the Roele
bloodline. Where does it say that you have to be a Roele to be great? Who
says there weren't other champions of Anduiras at Deismaar? There could be
other True bloodlines. Where does it say that the Emperor necessarily has to
have a True or even a Great bloodline? And who's to say that the designers of
the game want Anuire to have an empire again? Maybe it's the Khinasi's turn.
Or the Rjurik. Or the elves. In my campaign, the Vos are uniting under the
Raven and are slowly becoming a large empire themselves. (This has no effect
on gameplay as yet.) I think far too many people are focused on Anuireans and
are not giving the other peoples a chance to lay a claim to Cerilia

Just my 1 cent