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Thread: Civ II Scenario

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    Shawn Hudson

    Civ II Scenario

    Well, after much work, I have finished the Civ II scenario I talked about
    probably a month ago now. I have sent it to everyone who requested a copy.
    Anyone else who is interested can e-mail me at and I
    will get you a copy. The Scenario still has work left to do, but it needs to
    be played, and after spending so much time working on it, I'm not feeling
    like playing the darn thing.

    Shawn Hudson

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    Shawn Hudson

    Civ II Scenario

    Okay. Update on the scenario. I did decide to go ahead and playtest it
    myself yesterday, and it seems that there is one small problem. The only
    person you can play is Ghoere. For you Civ II people who have made
    scenarios, and know what I'm talking about, here's the problem.

    No matter who you pick, after you end your first turn, you end up being
    player #7, who in the case of this scenario is Ghoere, Alamie, and Osoerde.
    Any ideas as to what might cause this? I'm asking this out on the list, but
    if anyone has any ideas, it would probably be best to reply to me instead of
    the list, since I'm sure that not everybody wants to hear Civ2 scenario
    making babble.

    Thanks in advance!
    Shawn Hudson

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