The campaign I am running is set in Brechtur and one of my players who has
purchased a couple of ships inquired about sending them out to pirate the
waters of Black Ice bay (But without the regent on board).

I had to come up with a random table to see what happened to the ships,
perhaps it may be of some use to people out there:

on a d20
1 Ship lost (Make up a reason: a storm, another pirate etc

2-4 Ship badly damaged requiring major repairs (25% of ships cost) and is
out of action for 1 domain action. No booty.

5-6 Ship has minor damage, no booty. (Cost of repairs 10% of ship cost)

7-15 No encounter (I figure that its pretty had to encounter other vessels!)

16 Ship sinks another vessel, no booty

17- 18 Ship successful pirates a vessel gaining 1d3Gb's of booty. The
pirated ship sinks and cannot be salvaged.

19-20 Ship Successful captures a vessel gaining 1d3Gb's of booty and also
captures the vessel. The vessel will be smaller than the pirate ship. i.e.
A Caravel cannot capture a Galleon !

hope this is of some use,


Martin Hale