Anuirean Journal - Issue 22 (Roelir / 572 MR)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
12 Coin Street, Market District, Anuire City.

Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Nobles
Printing By: Royal Collage of Sorcery
Archive Site:

Sarimiere - Roelir 572 MR

North West Anuire:
Includes: Boeruine, Tournen, Alamie, and Talinie.

(15/1) In Talinie there has been some trouble again between the guilds
the ruler. The trouble began after heavy taxes were imposed on every
in the kingdom. The guild run by Storm Holston has claimed that this is
attempt by Taline to control all the people of the kingdom drive out
who does not worship Haelyn or follow the regent Marcus Dern.

(9/2) The Duke of Alamie has spent a a large sum of money on increasing
and order across his kingdom. He has also moved to set up a small office
for the Alamie police force in Tournen.


The Duke of Alamie is ready to accept a highly trained wizard to become
vassal with the full support and resources of the crown behind them.

(17/2) Arien Borthein of the Boeruine trading guild has donated a large
of some 4,000 gp to public education in Boeruine.

(19/2) The has been some trouble between the temples in Seasedge in
Boeruine. It is believed that the different orders are fighting over
control of the people faith again. The northern imperial temple of
seems to have the upper hand.

(29/2) The Boeruine trading guild has set up a new office in the
of Nietier, long a stronghold of the Upper Anuire traders.

(5/3) The Upper Anuire Traders have been forced out of the Boeruine
province of Rivien after several agents of the guild were arrested by
authorities. The Boeruine trading guild has expanded to take their

(10/3) The High Priest of Talinie has again been busy increasing his
on the force of law in Taline. Many province now have an increased

(19/3) A mysterious fire has burnt down the office of the Boeruine
guild in Nietier. That guild has now been left without any
in the province.

South West Anuire:
Includes: Avanil, City of Anuire, Taeghas, Broesengae, and Mieres

(9/1) There has been several meetings between the Broesengae leadership
Hyde Termonie of Sarimie's Temple of Fortune. What the meeting were
has not been discovered yet.

(19/1) The head of the Peaceful Seas of Nesirie temple has again been to
seen Harald Khorien of Taeghas. What was being discussed is unknown.

(4/2) The government of Diemed has set up a small merchant trading house
the Imperial City.

(12/3) The population of Broesengae has increased again over recent
People seeking homes away from conflict in other lands have been
in the Broesengae province of Marilien.

(19/3) For the second season in a row Harold Khorien, the ruler of
has been busy attempting to increase the force of law and order in his
kingdom. He has built several new offices of the Taeghas police force
is moving to increase spending on those already established soon.

Southern Anuire:
Includes: Diemed, Medoere, Roesone, and Aerenwe.

(7/1) Following reports of strange vessels in the seas south of Aerenwe
that countries navy has been on alert. Several Aerenwe ships have been
patroling the area protecting merchant vessals from pirates.

(11/1) Diemed has formed a new unit of soldiers. This new army will be
based in Tier province and charged with watching the border for hostile
movements of troops.

(12/1) The spider river traders guild has purchased a large galleon from
Mieres shipbuilder. The new vessel is expected to arrive within the next
few weeks.

(14/1) The Church of Storm's Heigh from Osoerde has moved onto
Island, setting up a small guild on the new Aerenwe province on the

(9/1) High Priest Enlien of Medoere has returned from his recent trip
has been busy this month over looking the expansion of his temple into

(2/2) The spider river traders has open a small trading out post in the
Aerenwe province of Shadowgreen. The new outpost will supply trappers
hunters in the province.

(12/2) The temple of the Eastern Temple of Nesirie in Ilien has been
fortified to rebel invaders. It is reported that this may have been
of threats against the temple from Medoere in recent weeks.

(16/2) Once again priests from the Impregnable heart of Haelyn have been
very vocal in their support for the Baron of Roesone. Their sermons have
spured up the people of Roesone in support of their ruler.

(4/3) Aerenwe authorities have made more land avalible for farmers and
tradesmen wishing to move onto Caelcorwynn island. The population of the
island has grown sharply and various temples and guilds are rushing to
up operations there.

(7/3) There has been more trouble in Diemed over recent days after
Rournil's Celestial Spell attempted to set up a small shrine in the
province of Ciliene. Worshippers of Haelyn soon put a stop to this
however after they burnt down the shrine and drove the Rournil priests
of Diemed.

(9/3) The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn has reopened its temple in Caercas
province and kicking out the merchants who had been using it since it

(18/3) Recent sermons by the Eastern Temple of Nesirie have been very
in thier support for the ruler of Aerenwe, Landen Swordwraith.

(19/3) The Eastern Temple of Nesirie has been announced as the offical
religion of Aerenwe after consultation between the regent and temple
over recenet weeks.

(20/3) The Spider River Traders have purchased their second ship this
season after buying a caravel yesterday. The first ship they purchased
new galleon is expected to arrive soon.

(23/3) Trouble in Caercas province in Roesone after priests from the RCS
and rival IHH temples almost came to blows in the streets after both
wanted to hold a sermon in the same market square. The city watch
to seperate the priests before anything serious could happen.

(29/3) The Impreganbl Heart of Haelyn has opened a small shrine in
Westmarch province in Aerenwe.

Central Anuire:
Includes: Endier, Ghoere, Mhoried, and Elinie

(5/1) Elinie has embarked on another law and order program to try to
recent incidents of theft from shops and tax collectors in several

(7/1) Lauriel Kalien has hired Cieron Elvenshadow, the former lieutenant
her father to work for her government. Cieron has been in exile for
years since the fall of Endier to El-Hadid's armies.

(10/1) The Mhor has been busy this month with a new law and order
for his kingdom. It was a limited success with some provinces still
harbouring a large number of bandits, thieves and other undisirables

(12/1) "The Life and Protection of Avanalae has commenced building a
magnificient Temple and Library to Avanalae in the Great City of Ansien,
any and all who volunteer their services to the building of this
to the Wisdom of Avanalae will receive instruction in reading, writing,
other more advanced subjects during the course of construction."

(13/2) Decree From Anita Maricoere.

'I, Antia Maricoere, as Archbishop of the Holy Church of Haelyn's Aegis,
hereby Decree that those citizens of Ghoere that wish to, shall be given
the right to join the Church of Haelyn, as a lay brother, or sister,
Free education provided, so long as the citizen in question has
all legal obligations to his/her liegelord, of the province in which
reside, and their obligations, if any for military service to His
The Baron Ghoere.
The individual so petitioning the Church of Haelyn's Aegis must be free
all Gaol sentences, and will be required to already be a "Freeman", with
permission from His/ Her provincial Lord to be so released into the
of Haelyn, for life.
Those wishing to serve Haelyn will be required to forswear a Holy Oath,
citing allegiance to Haelyn's Aegis, and His Lordship of the Land, The
Baron Ghoere. Those suitable for military training will be eligible for
selection as a Knight of the Order of Spider, sworn to defend the
Marches against The Unnamed One.

His Most Reverend Archbishop, Sir Antia Maricoere, Achiese Province,
of Ghoere."

(15/2) The Haelyn's Aegis temple has built several new structures to
the various expansions to the temple there announced last season. Wood
the structure was donated to the temple by various local lords and noble
return for a blessing by the Archbishop.

(22/2) The Mhor has left his country and headed to Cournays for a
with various other regents about an important treaty.

(8/3) Life seems very good in Elinie at the moment. Good weather has led
a record harvest in several provinces. Farmers are expecteding a good
return this year, and tax collectors are also looking forward to this
seasons collection.

(14/3) Elinie has announce that the Life and Protection of Anavalae
is now the official state-religion in Elinie. Also announced was a new
called a noble-tax. Each noble must contribute a one-time donation to
treasury if they want to keep their royal title. All paying nobles will
have be given a room in the new Elinie palace, when it is completed and
right to attend all the parties thrown here.

(22/3) Lauriel Kalien of Endier recently held a peace summit at her
for various local leaders to work out their differences. The Duke of
and the Baron of Ghoere are known to have attended, although Prine Avan
busy and could not attend. At the peace summit Lauriel present the last
unit of Endier knights to join her army. The new soldiers were a
magnificent sight as they rode down the main street of Endier.

(29/3) Elinie has begun construction of a road across Ansien province
the capital of Ansien to the border with the province of Osoeriene.

Northern Anuire:
Includes: The Five Peaks, Thurazor, Cariele, Dhoesone, and Tuarhievel.

(9/1) In Cariele there have been reports of corruption in the government
and the theft of large sums of money from the treasury.

(24/1) There may be trouble in the five peaks after reports of large
numbers of goblins and other creatures heading west towards Mhoried.
may have been caused by fighting between the various tribes.

(29/3) In Sonnelind in Dhoesone there has been more guild trouble with
various guilds fighting over control of the merchants of the largest
Dhoesone province. There has been no clear winner at this moment.

Eastern Anuire:
Includes: Osoerde, Coernays, Iron Hills, Sielwode, and Baruk-Azhik.

(13/1) King Devlynn Finn has hired a new administrator go look after
government affairs in his apsence. The new administrator, Saebra Holtien
will take over the job held until recently by Nekrul Adaere, the former
lieutenant of the Mind Flayer and now general of the Iron Hills army.

(16/1) Coernays has begun work on a new road in Rourven to link the
with the border of Bogsend province. The Royal guild of Baruk-Azhik has
also been busy constucting new roads across Coernays, to assist merchant

(23/1) Wanted: Dwarf, Male, Long Beard, Stout Stomach, Bloodline
Duties include - keeping your eye on anything that moves, looking under
rocks for clues, counting money, appraising everything that could
be sold for money.
Must be - trustworthy, ambitious, family man, love all things Dwarven.
Send resume with references and salary requirements to Royal Guild of
Baruk-Azhik, Attn: Caenwuinde Braegmiere.

(4/2) The Life and Protection of Avanalae temple has built a new shrine
the Cournays province of Bogsend. The also had plans for another shrine
elsewhere in Cournays, but those plans were abandoned after a good site
the temple could not be found.

(5/2) Osoerde has created a new unit of soldiers to protect its kingdom.
is unknown where the new infantry troops will be based. In other news
Castle in Moriel has been expanded to make more room for housing troops

(24/2) Castle Mhowe has been enlarged again to provide room for the 4th
5th mounted legions of the Iron Hills. These soldier were confined to
dock areas, but are to be moved into the castle with the rest of the
soldiers based in Mhowe to provide better protection against invaders.

(25/2) A new castle in nearing completion in the Cournays province of
Bogsend with the regent herself overlooking the construction work.

(27/2) King Devlynn Finn has left the Iron Hills bound for Osoerde to
attend a party in honour of High Lord Imperator Wincae Raehech of the
Church of Storm's Height temple.

(31/2) The royal guild of Baruk-Azhik has been very busy this month
building road and setting up trading routes throughout Cournays and

(21/3) A large party has been held at the temple of the Church of
height in Osoerde. Many of the local rulers, and notable merchants
attended. One late arrival was king Devlyn Finn of the Iron Hills who
delayed after his ship was nearly sunk off the southern coast in a freak
storm. For all reports a good time was had by all, with game including
drinking competitions and a best sword competition.

(24/3) a meeting has been held in the Cournays province of Rourven
the rulers of Eline, Mhoried, Cournays and the head of the Avanalae
in Elinie and Cournays. At the end of the meeting the Duchess announced
formation of the Anuire Freedom Alliance between the parties that had
attended. She also announced that the headquaters of the alliance will
based in the new castle recently completed in Bogsend province.

Includes: Rhormarch, Coullabhie, The Burrows, Ariya, Binsada, The
Aftane, Sendoure,
The Tarvan Waste, Zikala, and Mesire.

(3/1) The king of Rhormarch has announced that the city of Odel will be
renamed Rohkiel, its former name before the late prince Odel took over
northern provinces. The city still lies in ruins however after the
battle that took place between Rhormarch and the Gorgon. To aid the
reconstuction of the kingdom it has been announced that there will be a
special Reconstruction tax to be applied only once. This tax is expected
raise much needed resouces for the government.

(9/1) In Ariya, the ruler Gerad ibn Farid el-Arrasi has announced that
several of the Ariya navel vessels will now be made avalible for
to hire for the transport of goods to Ilien in Roesone. The fees being
charged will enable the merchants to cheaply export their goods while
earning Ariya a good profit.

(13/1) The Rhormarch government has disbanded one of it units of mounted
troops. The former soldier are to be given plots of land in one of the
northern provinces as a bonus for their loyal service.

(17/1) After a recent meeting in Sendoure this statment was released by
"The royal house has decreed that Helmut Gruber and his guild has our
favor, and as such has the status of official guild of Sendoure. No
attempts at establishing guild holdings by any other that Helmut will be
tolerated. Any trade routes that are to be established in Sendoure must
cleared by Helmut. Long live Sendoure"

(17/1) Zikala has been busy this month moving troops around in several
provinces. The Zikala army seemed to be redeploying to better protect

(18/1) Binsada has announced the forming of several new units of mounted
troops for the army. These soldiers are expected to serve in the north
protecting the people against bandits and the like.

(20/1) In Rhormarch the guild of Frodrik Foresstannen has announced that
has created two new trade routes. One from Edel to Calrie in Aerenwe and
the other to Ayria.

(21/1) The Breadfruit North-South guild in the Burrows has purchased
several more boats to transport good in and out of the halfling cities.

(1/2) In Sendoure Helmut Gruber has handed over control of several tax
collecting operation in three sendoure provinces over to the kingdoms
ruler. At the same time the guilder has been busy working against agents
the Hydra in the south of the country.

(7/2) Several members of the Burnlaffen, Childe and Tallrow Guild in
Westwold (The Burrows) have been arrested for toll evasion after it was
found that they had been smuggling goods into the province without
the required taxes.

(17/2) The king of Rhormarch has finally bought some law and order to
Osternord after the creation of a city watch in the surviving
there. At the same time the king has granted noble title to those who
fought against the Gorgon during the occupation of those provinces.

(23/3) Several of the Ariyan Temple of Avani's smaller temple holdings
been expanded over recent weeks.