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    Scott M Parrish


    I have Assasination as a Pair of Rogue Abilities.

    Melee Assasination
    Missle Assasination

    Each gives a thief a chance to Assasinate a target by the following

    1. The Rogue must be eligible to backstab the opponent.
    2. The Rogue must Successfully roll to hit and hit his opponent.
    3. The Rogue must succeed his Assasination percentage roll. If he
    fails this, he does backstab damage as normal.
    4. The Opponent must make a successful PPD Saving throw. If he
    succeeds, then he takes Backstab damage, if he fails, than he is killed.

    This allows for the level of the Thief, his magic weapons, his skill
    in Assasination, and his oponents level.

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    In a message dated 97-07-18 18:08:35 EDT, you write:


    If you decide to use this, I would restrict it to the second or third level
    after the thief gains the x5 damage backstab, and treat it as an advanced
    form of the backstab. I.E. the thief learns exactly where to strike to achive
    an instant kill.

    Michael Hahn

    You can run, but you'll only die tired.

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