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>-Should I bring back Moraen (he is my favorite character after all)? I was
>thinking maybe he was pulled into another world like Ravenloft (he's already
>been to several other worlds, Faerun, Athas) bereft of blood abilities, but
>somehow made it back. I say this because he was always the catalyst for the
>party's adventures and without him, they have no guidance.

I think you should let him go, or at least wait a considerable amount of
time before bringing him back. The PCs will become too dependant on him(if
they haven't already). Watch them sweat when they come to the conclusion
that they will have to carry on without his help, and in thier most trying
time as well.

>-Should I send the Gorgon on a rampage? The PCS have an average level of 8.

Sure. You have a good basis, but don't start with the Gorgon unleashing his
hordes. Have him start of with more subtle(and possibly more
damaging)attacks. Such as Espionage, Terrorist strikes(on GHs, TRs, Temples,
etc.), Assassinations, Forming packs with other baddies, etc. Oncehe is in a
good position only then should he launch an all out war.

>-Now that Moraen has appeared to have died, should his arch-enemy, the awnshegh
>known as the Reaper come after the Five Peaks with his mercenary army and
>divest the regent.?

Of course. If the Reaper knows Moraen is dead, then he can guess that his
"Vassels" are weakened and he would pull strings that he had ready for just
such an occurance. Well hope all that helps, and be sure to tell us the outcome.


"War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
the province of life or death;
the road to survival or ruin.
It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
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